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Default Color Batch files

Is it possable to add color to batch files?
Also how do you program ".exe" files (like windows setup.exe)


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Default Re: Color Batch files

First, you can use ANSI Terminal Escape sequences to change color and properties with the ansi.sys DOS driver. Read the help files on the driver and this website discusses the sequences for various properties:http://www.dee.ufcg.edu.br/~rrbrandt/tools/ansi.html
Second, you create an *.exe file by compiling source code of some language with a compiler for that language, then linking the resulting object code with a linker. Most languages have compilers available for free or at cost. The Qbasic language included with MS-DOS/Win9X is actually only an interpreter that will run the code from RAM when told to do so. It can't make an executable file or even object code without a lot of very complex gyrations and general tom foolery. If you are interested in programming, I'd personally recommend learning C and C++, in that order. Lots of luck, hope this explains it well enough.

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Default Re: Color Batch files

Thanks for the info but I have anoter problem
i crashed my computer on a acedent (i think i moved the autoexec.bat) and i just got my hard drive to boot up with fdisk,but my cdrom drive is not installed so i cant install windows.thanks
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You sort of lost me there. You formatted your HDD with Fdisk? So you have nothing on your HDD not even DOS? Well first of all your BIOS should detect your cd-rom whether you have a driver for it or not (I think). You need to try to change the boot order in BIOS, and set your cd-rom to first (if it detects your cd-rom), and then just pop your windows disk in and install it. If for some reason you cannot identify your cd-rom in BIOS, then you will have to load some version of DOS on your HDD via floppy disks, setting the floppy drive to 1st on the boot order. And then try to install a cd-rom driver from there. DOS has a built in cd-rom driver which may not work with newer cd-roms, but it is called mscdex. You can read about it here, along with some autoexec.bat and config.sys pointers: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q135174/. If I just mis-understood you about formatting your disk then just create a boot disk and add cd-rom pointers in the autoexec and config files then boot from A: to get going.

Give me some feedback on this and I can help you better.
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