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Default Assembly Language + Machine Code with pep8

I'm just wondering if there is someone here who has ever done much actual assembly or god forbid machine language programming that can tell me if the pep8 simulator does a decent job of teaching the concepts.


Our college intro class into assembly language uses this. I'm also wondering if anyone could recommend any additional assembly tutorials or practice.

Also is the assembly language specific to the processor you're working on or is there a general assembly language(is what i'm learning now entirely concept and is there something a little more real i should look at)

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Default Re: Assembly Language + Machine Code with pep8

Haven't done much assembler - but as long as you conform to the x86 instruction set then it shouldn't be too processor specific no.

However, before I go into trying to explain all sorts of extensions to instruction sets, different instruction sets their uses and so on (or before anyone does!) why is it you're trying to learn assembler?

Unless you need it for a specific project (such as a reverse engineering one) or you've got a good grasp on lots of languages already and just want to learn it as another thing that you know - I really would look elsewhere. Aside from VERY specialised applications there's really not much call or use for assembly these days, the lowest down people really need to go is C (and even that's not used much these days apart from very low level stuff or legacy systems.)

Perhaps it'd help us suggest things if you gave a bit of background about what you know already? If you want to learn assembly then great, I'm not saying it's useless and not worth studying, but if you're new to the field or want to learn something that's more useful there's a whole host of other languages that would be better!

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Default Re: Assembly Language + Machine Code with pep8

As part of the computer science program at my college we'll be going deeper into assembly after this intro course is done. I've already done a good bit of higher level programming by no means am i trying to learn how to program with assembly as my first language. Mostly I'm just trying to get ahead of the game for school, but it's also just kind of interesting to be looking at the lower level of things, and the reverse engineering application of it is very interesting to me as well(though i'd really have no idea where to begin with something like that).

I've done a handful of electrical engineering classes as well and I'm considering going for a masters in computer engineering, so anything that gets me closer to wrapping my head around how electricity becomes information is good.
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Default Re: Assembly Language + Machine Code with pep8

I did a bit of it during my uni course.

and I think that simulator looks fine, really though you do kind of need a reason to want to code using assembler it's not really something that you'll just get to know by reading some books, (basically set yourself a challenge).
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