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Default Zalman9700CNPS Temp Graphed Review

Finally the heat wave is over for the moment and I decided to start stepping my CPU up again. I decided to log a graph for a performance review of the Zalman9700. Price roughly $60USD maybe a few more or a few less depends if you find a deal. Anyways I'm using this with Arctic Silver 5 and the only other cooling mod is a thermaltake ultra high flow 80mm case fan running 4600rpm rougly.

Ambient room temps roughly 72-75F or 22.2-23.8C

Vcore set at 1.50625 roughly 1.46V after Vdrop.

Testing method used. Orthos stress testing software. Now given depending on when your watching your cpu being stressed at 100% usage your cpu temps will actually vary slightly. Some strings seem to increase temps slightly and some strings seem to run lower despite the CPU running a constant 100% usage.

This is why I decided to use Everest Report and create a log file. For those of you that have not used Everest. It is a multi function tool for monitoring system components to benchmarking/stress testing virtually every component in your system.

The log file was created about 15 seconds after I started Orthos. Thus the log started with CPU usage at 100%. I then ran Orthos for 1hr leaving the log open so I could capture a low/hi and average temp.

I placed a key in the graph to make reading a bit easier for those of you that have not used the software. You'll see it in the lower right hand corner of the first photo. When I say the outlined boxes you'll see certain box's that don't match the colors everest uses in the graphs. On the right hand side will provide you with Idle temperatures.

You'll see in the graph my CPU never dropped below 100% usage. I also find the difference's temps to be amazing. This is what makes it hard when searching for accurate temp readings. Searching forums you may have someone quoting the low side of 100% usage however some people may quote the high.

So the overall CPU show a minimum of 52C with a max of 64C. Thats a 12C difference both at full load! I'm going to go with the average over the hour at 58.2C You'll notice the actual cores minimum at 48C core #1 and 51C core #2 and a maximum 60C at both cores with an average of 53.8C core #1 and 54.9C core #2. Now under everyday usage you'll never see the temps get that high. I'd say the experiment average is what you may get as a high temp in heavy gaming/3d modeling. Idle temps 36C-37C

This second shot is just a picture of Orthos running with a shot of the system monitor loaded.


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Default Re: Zalman9700CNPS Temp Graphed Review

Zalman is the only way to go for overclocking


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Default Re: Zalman9700CNPS Temp Graphed Review

that fan owns so much
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