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Old 10-08-2007, 05:45 PM   #1
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Default [Wii] Excite Truck

This is a pretty fun game for the Wii but at a price of over $50 (in Canada anyway) it's a little steep for an arcade racing game. Don't except Gran Turismo-style simulation in Excite Truck, it's way crazier than that.

Excite Truck is (indirectly) a sequel to the popular Excitebike for NES. Basically, you race with monster trucks on random tracks collecting powerups such as POW icons which let you go through trees, give you a speed boost and make you 'invincible' and ! marks that change the landscape ahead of you - creating hills to give you more air stars, changing land into water for cool downs and just doing other random landscape changes.

The entire point of the game is to get the most stars as possible for each track, and hopefully reaching the minimum amount of stars required to proceed to the next level and exceeding that amount. Stars are given for things such as staying in the air when jumping, going through rings, tree runs, drifting, etc. and a bonus amount of stars is given for finishing the game in 1st place.

In the end, the game has it's strong and weak points but still is a good purchase for anyone looking for a fun arcade racer for the Wii.

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Default Re: [Wii] Excite Truck

I liked it, but I mostly played it while working in the GameZone in Movie Gallery when it was dead. Good times.

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Default Re: [Wii] Excite Truck

Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good game too when my mate brought his console over. Allowing you to use the SD card for music was a nice touch.
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Default Re: [Wii] Excite Truck

I forgot to mention the putting your own music on a SD card feature; I haven't really tried it yet anyway.
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