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Default Skullcandy Ink'd

Got these earphones a few days ago. I decided that my philips earphones were a bit bulky and I didn't want to risk losing them at school. So I am in FYE looking around, and I go to the counter and see the Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds. They were 10 dollars (normally 30 dollars) So I look at them and get the red one and buy it.

So I go outside (quite noisy outside) Unwrap the buds. There's a thing that looks like a case, but it wasn't. Kind of dissapointing, but for 10 bucks, whatever. I put them in my ears. That part is great, because they have a great seal and you can't hear much outside. I checked to see if I had them in the right ears before I plugged it into my iPod, and I noticed that there's no indication of which one is for left or right! I think that's why they are onsale. Probably some kind of defect.

Pros: Sound great, nice and loud. I have my iPod on lowest volume and I can hear it pretty good. When I blast it, I feel like my ears will pop. Great bass. The driver is pretty big.

Cons: Dunno which is left and right. Wires feel a little cheap (mostly the ones that are going into the earpiece feel like they may come out)

Overall: 9/10. Great price. Will amaze most people that are using the iPod earbuds or any other cheap earbuds. Definitely WAY better then other pairs of earbuds I have bought for 10 dollars. Just look around for a sale. They are actually onsale alot, my friend got the black ones at Target for 10 dollars as well. When you get them, figure out which is left/right and write R/L on them with a little sharpie.

Edit: Just wanted to throw something in. I've always been a Philips fan for earphones, I always looked at skullcandy as one of those stupid companies like how PC users look at mac. Alot of people say there stuff is good but I always thought it wasn't so good and that the people who say that just never owned a real pair of earphones. I am wrong, skullcandy is great. The name is a little annoying though

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Default Re: Skullcandy Ink'd

Sounds interesting, thanks for the review.

My college bookstore has almost every single product they carry; maybe I should give them a try, although my Bose Triport Headphones I've gotten haven't been matched yet by anything I've tried. I know you can't really compare ear/headphones, but anyway, I'll look into these!
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