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Default InsanitechPC's GT1300

The Computer. Please click on the picture, there is one of the case.

TL;DR Version:
Multi-Tasking Capability: 10/10
Start Up Speed: 9.5/10 (Only because it pops up a screen from Asus asking to load up OS or do other things)
Sound: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Noise(From Fan): 10/10. I can not even hear it running unless there is no cars going past and no one is talking and I am not typing.

USB Ports: 6
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

Windows System Rating 5.9 (Currently the max?)

If you want detail:
I have received my GT1300 today, and I must say, for a brand new computer, this baby is freakin' sweet.

Upon startup, the blue window and the pillars on the front light up brightly in a blue aura. Ahhh I see the light!

Software wise, this computer booted up extremely fast. There is no long wait with the Microsoft loading bar. In fact, it never even flashed in my face. My older computer used to sit there for 5 minutes on that screen, so it's a big improvement for me.

What really surprised me, was that I had been talking with Kyle and Ron trying to get a computer to run F.E.A.R 2 flawlessly. Well he said he had downloaded the demo to test it. When my desktop came up, much to my surprise, a sick F.E.A.R 2 wallpaper was applied. Very cool, thanks guys!

After about 5 minutes of getting Mozilla, World of Warcraft, and Xfire downloading, I started the System Rating program. Guess what.

I was overjoyed. So far this computer is flawless. Runs fast as hell, smooth loading, and most importantly... QUIET!!! The fan I can't even hear over the sound of my typing... but they may be attributed to my enjoyment of the computer.

These guys are fantastic. While I was talking to them, I asked if they could include an item for me, the Ideazon Reaper Edge Mouse (Saw it on NewEgg, it wasn't on there site at the time). Kyle threw it on the sight just to make it easier for me to order when I ordered the GT1300. After looking on NewEgg to see how much this would cost, and man oh man. All things considered, it is, literally, at least $100 cheaper to buy from these guys.

Improvements? Well, only two. One, pre-install Mozilla Firefox, or even better, have a checkbox for installed free software. That really brings in the customers, because then right out of the box, they can run what they normally would. The second thing, it not really an improvement but more of a heads up to all other buyers. The video card only takes the white boxy plugin, not the blue one. Luckily, my Macbook came with an adapter so I am set, just be aware.

I ran Team Fortress 2 full graphics, full anti-(I Don't Know how to Spell it), while having Xfire open and downloading the full World Of Warcraft game, including both expansions. I hit no lag, only with the part of Steam that lags for everyone: When you first click Achievements.

*Update* I was able to play F.E.A.R 2 in campaign with no lag whatsoever, full graphics, and the same goes for R6V2. I will be testing GRAW2 later on, but I expect the same results.

If there is anything else you would like to know about this computer, please, ask me! According to Ron and Kyle, I am the first to have one of these babies, and quite honestly, it's one of the damn best computers I have ever seen for this price.

500W ThermalTake/Asus P5QL Pro Intel 775/Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 (OC'ed to 3.0)/Rosewill Z3/4GB G.Skill 1066/1 TB Western Digital Black Edition/ 512MB GDDR3 EVGA 9800GTX+ SuperClocked Edition/64-Bit Vista Home Premium

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Default Re: InsanitechPC's GT1300

Glad to hear you like it man, enjoy.
-Desktop- Dual Monitor, Q8200 2.34Ghz, 8GB, 1TB, XFX 6850, 7 Ultimate
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