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Default Re: I7 930

Originally Posted by aPanzerIV View Post
Do you REALLY need to overclock a Cpu that costs more alone than a full blown mac?
Read and think before you post, dude. There is more than on sort of i7 CPU.

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Default Re: I7 930

Originally Posted by Remeniz View Post
Thats a pretty sweet motherboard your running - it's supposed to be a great overclocking board.

Go into the BIOS and disable CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) and CPU EIST Function. You'll find these under 'Advanced CPU Features'. Next is 'MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)', here set the QPI Link Speed to 48, enable Base Clock(BCLK) Control, set Performance Enhance to Standard and if your running X.M.P. RAM set Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) to Profile 1. Set the System Memory Multiplier until the value underneath matches your RAM speed. Set DRAM Timing Selectable to Manual and set the timings here according to your RAM specs. Enable Load-Line Calibration and set CPU Vcore to 1.14V, QPI/Vtt Voltage, IOH Core and DRAM Voltage to their normal values.

If you've done everything here then your ready to start OC'ing and you should have a better understanding of the multipliers in the BIOS.

If your going for a high overclock then go to 'PC Health Status' and disable CPU Smart FAN Control so the CPU fan runs @ 100%. You can enable this feature when overclocking without vCore increases as it will make for a quieter machine.

Remember you can save 8 BIOS profiles, just press Esc to get to the main menu and it's F11 to save the profile or F12 to load one. This is handy cause you can save the stock BIOS settings and as you OC you save your stable settings and work on the not so stable ones.

Again, all of the above is just setting up the BIOS for the overclock. What you need to do then is start to increase the BCLK Frequency (Mhz) and test the OC with Prime95 (32 bit/64 bit) to make sure it's stable, while watching the temps with Real Temp. Then go back and increase it a bit more. As you increase the BCLK Frequency reduce the System Memory Multiplier to keep your RAM at/near it's native speed and also keep an eye on QPI Link Speed. When you hit a wall and can't get stable, assuming that the RAM and QPI aren't holding you back, you then need to increase the CPU vCore but this is only needed after about 3.6Ghz-3.8Ghz.

Tell you happens when i do it

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