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Default i5 2500k OC help!!

hey guys built my rag about 3 weeks ago and just started to overclock it

wanted to know whats volts are safe to run

i cant seem to get to 4.5GHz without going close to 1.4v
i tried 4.6GHz at 1.35v, ran prime95 and cpu-z, cpu-z read 1.392v is that safe this is a 24/7 computer and i dont want to burn out my cpu any time soon

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Default Re: i5 2500k OC help!!

Well, any voltage increase is going to decrease the lifespan of the processor, that's just the way it works. I would stay away from 1.4, I wouldn't go much over 1.35 myself. It's really up to you and how much it's worth it to you. Try checking Intel's site and seeing what range they recommend you stay in.

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Default Re: i5 2500k OC help!!

I've an i5-2500k too.

When researching, I came accross an article (I think it was Bittech) that said intel had directly informed them that 1.5 volts can be handled by those CPU's as long as the temps are in check. I had to used 1.45V to get 4.9GHz outta the thing, but, when using manual voltage settings I couldn't get the sleep states to function correctly - and I like the sleep function of my PC.

Luckily, for me, I run prime stable on stock voltages at 4.5GHz.

I, personally, would up the voltage to 1.392V for your overclock and not worry about it. Sure, there's the possibility that the life of the CPU might shorten, but I think this is more heresay than fact - as I've never seen it happen, and every machine I own has been overclocked and, with the exception of my current build, over volted. If the temps are fine, the CPU will last as long as your ever going to need it.

Go for it! Live on the edge. Infact, take that heatsink off and start cooking eggs :P


(P.S. Don't take that heatsink off! Suppose, thermal throttling would protect it anyway....)
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