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Default Re: EVGA Nvidia gtx960 overclocking

Originally Posted by woodywoody View Post
I've bought the extra overclocking warranty so if I break it its ok lol

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Just a couple tips, when it comes to overclocking...

1. I'm not familiar with a warranty that'll allow an in-box replacement, upon frying the GPU due to overclocking. It may exist, but get the specifics from them first. You need to know specifically the following...

- How long will the replacement process take?
- Is shipping and handling covered within the warranty? (Often, it is not)
- Is the replacement a new card, or a refurbished card?
- Am I guaranteed to receive the same card, or a better card?
- Does this warranty cover damages caused by *EXPERIMENTAL* overclocking, or damage due to excessive heating?

You need to get clarification on all of those items, before overclocking! Do not destroy an expensive card, and then find out that you're going to get a refurbished / salvaged card as a replacement.

2. Watch your temperatures! You're overclocking an overclocked card, and you may fry additional components in the machine this way. Don't overclock the card without having your finger on the pulse of your system.

3. Bottlenecks can and will happen. You're attempting to overclock your GPU, but you still have other components that are very important. Your other components can limit the performance increase when it comes to overclocking.

4. Set your goals, and be realistic. Imagine that GPU is a car, and you're sitting in the driveway. You have the car in park, and you want to rev the gas for a little fun, as many young kids do. OK, so what do you want to reach in terms of RPMs and MPH before you stop? If you just plan to rev and rev with no stopping point, boom.. there goes your transmission. So, let's know what it is that you're planning to do, and know when we need to turn it down a bit. Don't just overclock for the hell of it, or you'll be replacing that card before you know it, along with other components potentially.

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