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Default Cpu voltages. (intel)

Before I begin, I own a Intel i7 2600k with a Corsair H80 cooler.

So I've been reading around and getting a sense of voltage setting adjustments per clock/core speed. I just read in some guide that anywhere from 4.0GHz(Where I'm currently at)-4.3GHz you should have VCore at 1.3-1.32v. Mines currently at 1.175v.. I haven't ran Prime95 yet, and do plan to go higher. My temperature is at 33-34c and a little higher when gaming. Should I increase voltage or just leave it as is? I'm sure I'll increase it as I up the stakes a bit more, but I'm just trying to break everything in, seeing as it's all new from a few days ago (motherboard, processor, memory)

I'm currently reading the OC Guide Review found here - Ultimate Sandy Bridge OC Guide + P67A-UD7 Performance Review This is where I read those voltages.

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I'm currently @ 4.2GHz - 1.2v running a full load at an average of 57c.

I've shut off hyper threading, c-states, etc.. and still am getting a fluctuation in core0 between a ratio of x41 and x42.

Any pointers?

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Default Re: Cpu voltages. (intel)

You need to stress test it; simply running a game is not a sufficient test at all, IMO. Make sure it's stable and bump up the voltage little by little until it's stable on max load.

1.3v is pretty harmless, IMO, but I have little experience with Intel CPUs and have never had the i7, so I would make sure that other people (reviews, benchmarks, etc) echo my thoughts, just in-case Intels are weird and a wimpy volt kills them. xD

I've overclocked my AMD CPU from 3.6GHz to 4.5GHz and it's at 1.4v; this doesn't remotely bother me, and my motherboard (and likely the CPU) are capable of going over 1.5v so I'm really not worried. Unless electricity is uber expensive or money is uber tight, then I wouldn't worry too much, THAT SAID, it's always worth finding out from the horse's mouth (manufacturers or those that have extensively tested them, such as professional benchmarkers and testers, or a well experienced geek) what their gear should be at by max. Don't get me wrong, it's good to be careful when it comes to bumping up a voltage.
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