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Default Wireless Disconnections - Belkin 54g

I'll start with my setup-

Pentium 4 3.2gz + HT
1024 corsair ddr400
Asus 6800 128mb AGP
2 x Seagate 200gb Sata hdd
2 x Maxtor 9 120gb hdd
OS - Windows XP Pro SP2
500w Jeanalec psu

Belkin 54G wireless router with built in modem
F5d700uk pci card

Ill start by saying ive done adaware scans with -

Adaware se
Sbybot 104 beta
Microsoft Antispyware

l found a couple of things, ive removed them and still having probs

Antivirus - F-Secure 2006 (excellent prog)

I do regular checks.

Right before you all fall to sleep i wont bore you anymore.

I am running a 54g wireless setup, all firmware is up to date.

I must confess i use bittorent and maybe that has something to do with it.

Right i changed isp 6 months a go, the worst mistake i ever made.

They quoted unlimited downloads but in there small print (terms & conditions)
they have a FUP = fair usage policy which means they can get round the unlimited part and actually cap me to around 5gb aa month.

Anyway to my problem -

I keep getting disconnected from my router, one minute the light is green an d all is well then a second later ive lost connection to my router and obviousley the internet which is very frustrating, to reconnect i right click my
wireless connection icon and choose to repair, 2 seconds later all is well.

My thought is that my isp is some how flushing my line to cause this.... but i'm not really sure.

This is where you guys come in i neeeeeeed HELP

Oh and my router settings are fine

Idle time - 0
dial on demand unticked - off

Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Wireless Disconnections - Belkin 54g

I don't think the ISP is the issue, although it could be. Do you have a wired connection that is working fine? If so, then the ISP isn't the issue.
Do you have encryption enabled? Is the router in line of sight with the wireless card? (Probably not, due to the card being inside the computer)
I see that you said it's a wireless card. Wireless cards have been prone to do this type of thing- not sure why. I would use a USB wireless connection to connect to the router. If you can get your hands on one, try it for a while- you'll see the difference
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