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Default What to do with this router!?

How's it goin, everyone?

I have an old school WRT54G router that has all my configs and setting in it and I love it. It's as reliable as a diesel. In my old setup, I had the cable company's modem run to it and it was my AP. Easy day.

Well...I upped my service to the 30 meg offering and they said I need a new modem. I said ok...don't care. Then they told me it was a modem/router/AP combo deal. I said I'd try to use it (a Motorola sbg6580) but I simply can NOT get the thing to do what I want it to do...can't figure out how to disable the SSID broadcast to save my life, can't make the address pool in the'll only let me have which screwed up all my VNC settings, there are a couple dozen settings in the thing with no explanation or description what so ever, etc.

At this point I really just want to use the thing as a modem only...terrible documentation, very un-user-friendly...screw it. Anyone have ANY idea how to do just use the thing as a modem only?

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Most modern modems will do this for you automatically using the below process.

Disconnect all devices from each other first and power down the modem, router and make sure no other connections are active (wireless for example).

Factory reset the modem with the reset button on the back.

Connect the modem to the wall, and turn it on. Allow it to obtain an IP address and so forth until you have solid green lights.

Connect the WRT54G to port 1 of the modem and power it on. Allow it to do it's thing.

The modem should, in theory and most cases, detect that the device on the other end is a router and switch to 'pass-through' mode so you can use the WRT54G as your access point once again...

With that being said, this process may not work so I did a little searching and how this page with a walkthrough on how someone else was able to accomplish just that.
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