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Default University Essay Help/Suggestions

Hi Guys,

I'm a networking students, and got a essay that we have to submit next week Fri. Here are the details: "Cloud computing is the newest paradigm for enterprise computing.

Write a suitably researched and referenced essay on how cloud computing will change the design, development,
testing and roll-out of applications in the future?

Content should be between 5 and 10 pages, excluding the front page, index and references.

Ensure that the mark sheet is attached as the final page."

My question is, I have some articles and journals that I have been reading. But non of them really talk about the "design, development, testing and roll-out of applications in the future" I have been thinking that applications will always available as a stand alone that can be bought and not necessarily used on the cloud. So the way all that changes when moving to the cloud is the security aspect, as well as all design, development and testing need to be done in the cloud environment. Where they will be using resources that might be used by other applications at the same time.

If anyone can suggest any more ideas that I'm not thinking about. It will be helpful. And if you could point me into the right direction in getting more journals for referencing in my essay would help even more.

Thanks guys

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Default Re: University Essay Help/Suggestions

I work for a cloud provider.

The company I work for also writes software.

Testing is as simple as cloning a vm. (A long way from the days when I used to have to install nt4 nene routs times, test wipe install repeat.) now you can just clone your production boxes for an exact environment (this involves no downtime either like you'd get creating a ghost image)

Want to test directly on production servers. Then create a snapshot for fast rollback!

Need more power? Want to test clustering? (Spinning up new hosts is easy)

If you're a cloud customer, cloud computing can let you test your enterprise software in a true enterprise environment. Multiple servers, problem fibre San back ends. With zero capital investment...

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Default Re: University Essay Help/Suggestions

Hi Root,

Thanks for the reply,

I've interned at a company and had to set up test environments for developers, this was not in the cloud though. Had to do that with Hyper-V which was easy because I would just boot up a fresh VM and rarely configure it to where I would spend hours giving them the exact VM for specific testing.

I've read your reply and I cant help but think that Microsoft and Amazon has services where by they give you a platform to develop within the cloud. I don't know if this is the root that they Lecturer wants us to go or if he wants us to stick with developing an app in house and then deploying it to the cloud.

Amazon has quite a few services but there elastic service where they just give you the infrastructure to do with what you want, that's another possibility. I think I will write abit on everything and try to find articles whereby they mention these.

But I think I'm mostly going to focus on microsoft and amazons methods. Where they give you the platform in the cloud to do all development and testing there.

Thanks for the feedback, Its much appreciated.
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