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Default unable to contact your dhcp server.

Hey everyone. I need some help and not sure if this is where to put it, but here it goes anyway.

I reformatted my comp a few days ago and since then it hasnt been able to connect to the net. First thing i did of course was to call my provider and see if they could straighten me out.. well, after about 45 minutes of doing this and that.. release/renew blah blah and 'type this IP in the addy bar!' blah blah.. well, nothing has come of it so I checked online to see what might be the problem.. I tried winsock repair dealy and that just gave me some errors and didnt work. then read about the registery keys and the errors werent right so figured that wasnt the problem either. Well, I dont think it can be the router because I disconnected it and just had the modem/router combo deal I got from verizon. I can get on peachy with my other 2 comps - alone and together.. but just trying my other and it gives me nothing.

the /renew gives me a message of - unable to contact your dhcp server. request has timed out. while its trying to obtain the ip an icon by my time comes up and says - acquiring network address.

so, then I go into the network - Local Area Connection properties thing to see whats going on in there.. it of course tells me I have 'limited or no connectivity' ..then I see that I am sending 'packets' but receiving none.

Help me... please... I am going out of my mind now. k, thanks.

If you need to know any extra info to help me. I am more then willing..

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Default Re: unable to contact your dhcp server.

Make sure your cable is connected securely on both ends. Unable to contact your DHCP server simply means that it's not able to communicate with the router. It could be a bad port on the router, something could have happened to the network cable, or the wrong drivers may be installed for the network card. Try to update the driver for your network card, and check all your connections. If after that, you still can't connect, something may be going on with your network card- they can go out anytime, just like any other component. Just to rule out the cable and the router, I would purchase a USB eithernet adapter, usually about 10 bucks or a little more. If your able to connect that way, bad network card, if not, corrupt OS possibly.

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Default Re: unable to contact your dhcp server.

So, say I had a new copy of windows xp with SP2 on it. This is the first time using it and the last copy (come to find out through the product key thing microsoft makes you DL which did not come with SP2) had a bad product key so I got this new one.
Something is happening because I reformatted with the first one I had just to see if it would work, it did.. got on the net just fine, so I reformatted once again with the new one that wont get me thrown in jail.. (haha) anyway.. on another forum I seen a guy having the same problem with SP2 but he was lucky enough to be able to reformat with a copy that didnt have SP2..
Anyway. is there anyway to fix this problem I am having that seems to be comibng with this updated version ?? Is there anyway to change the produst key AFTER I reformat with the older copy since its just the product key thats bad ??

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