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Default Transfering files between desktop and laptop w/ router

How can I transfer files between my laptop and desktop? I have a wireless router, and that's what I want to use to transfer these files... How can I do that with the wireless router?

Btw I'm using a NETGEAR DGN2000
The OS on the laptop is Vista Premium
The OS on the desktop is XP Pro

Oh and also I know that there's programs out there that will do what I'm asking for, but I don't know of any free ones...
I had Network Magic Pro 5.5 trial edition, and I liked it, but I don't have money to buy it... but if there's a way to transfer files without a program like Network Magic Pro 5.5, then I would also like to hear it out...

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Default Re: Transfering files between desktop and laptop w/ router

There is definately a way without any programs. I'll walk you through setting up a network using the router. Since I don't know how much experience you have I am going to give you just the basic overview. If you have questions on any of the steps, ask.


1. Set the computers to be in the same workgroup. Also you should rename them to something that is easily remembered.

2. Make sure file and print sharing is turned on in XP. In Vista you'll have to go into the Network and Sharing Center and pretty much turn everything in there to ON.

3. Then you'll need to share the files/folders you want to transfer.

4. Go to START > RUN and type //{computer name} where {computer name} is the name of the other computer without the brackets (so that if you were on the laptop type //desktop).

5. This should open a new window showing you the files that you are sharing from the computer you just connected to. Copy (or cut) and paste the files over to the other computer.

PS. The easiest way to do this would be to get a jump drive and copy the files onto it and them move them to the other computer or burn them to a CD. This is also a good idea so that the files are backed-up as well.
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