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Default static ip addresses

i am trying to share files in my network but can only do so to one computer. It has been recomended that I set up each computer as a static ip address. i looked in XP help to see how to do this but it was very vageue. any help?

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Default Re: static ip addresses

im not saying that will help (because i dont think it will) but this is how you would do that with windows xp. Find your way to "Network Connections" which is in the control panel. Right click on your connection, and go to properties. Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and press properties. Click "Use the following IP address" and set the numbers correctly. Depending on your router your ip address will be and up to (or more). Make sure to give each computer a different IP. (Probably best to name one and the others in order from there up) However, your routers DHCP might need ip's in the range of and up. Dont worry about all that technical mumbojumbo though. Just either try one of those and see which one works, or look for the setting on your routers setup page.
Set your subnet mask to and your gateway to (or depending on your router.) Then, go to start--> run and type CMD...type in ipconfig /all and find your DNS address...type it in to the properties window where you set your ip. DONE.

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Default Re: static ip addresses

how many computers do you have ?
how are they connected ? if just 2, you need a crossover cable, if more you will need a hub, switch or if you have internet , I would recommend a router.
If you get a router, it will protect your internet connection and have DHCP , that will have dynamic ip addresses. does not realyy matter whether you have dynamic or static ip, just that they are the same on all machines except the last octet and you are on the same subnet. Your workgroup should be the same name, you also have to have each others account on both machines and they have to have passwords. you should share a folder and of course share the printer.
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