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Default SSH SOCKS proxy and data encryption while browsing website, how much privacy?

When i set proxy in web browser (FF, Chrome) and select SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 as a type.
And it will work (websites will open)...
PS: im using SSH proxy where i run this command on proxy server: ssh -f -N -D localhost

1) then it means i can be sure that all data i submit on websites (web forms) are transfered encrypted/non readable?

2) What if i visit some HTTP webpage where are texts which represent some sensitive data like passwords. They are visible on that page. Can anyone on the way between server and my computer know these data in plain text or even those are encrypted?

3) Then another level. What about website URLs i visit, are they known to anyone on the way between me and server (example ISP) or they are unknown? Again assuming im using proxy the way described in the first paragraph of this topic.

Thank you alot

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Default Re: SSH SOCKS proxy and data encryption while browsing website, how much privacy?

If you are using free proxies then don't assume anything is completely anonymous. If you are connected to the proxy via ssl, then your connection up to that point is secure. But if you are viewing content over plain http, then it is unencrypted from the proxy server onward.

Using a proxy service also leaves you susceptible things like DNS leaks which could leave you vulnerable. Your better option is a quality VPN service that encrypts all of your outbound traffic.


to more specifically answer your question: Even if you visit sites running on plain http via your encrypted proxy connection, your ISP should theoretically not be able to see your traffic.

However like I said, if you have any DNS queries leaking outside the proxy, then your ISP will see them and could figure out what you're doing.
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