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Old 06-13-2009, 03:45 AM   #1
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Default Slow download speeds (Road Runner Turbo)

Ok theres something ridiculously going on with my internet. I have RoadRunner Turbo and when I test my speeds they're always normal between 10-15MB/s up and 1MB/s down. But when I download something usually from ANY SITE, my downloads are only between 200-400KB/s. When I watch videos on YOUTUBE they load really fast for the FIRST 3 SECONDS and SLOWS DOWN like crazy. Then I download Counter-Strike Source off STEAM and my downloads are between 900kb/s and 1600kb/s. So I'm like WTF?

Anyway my computer has no virues, spyware, malware, adware, etc...
Technician came by and said everything is fine.
Bought a new modem but made no difference.
Changed my internet buffer settings also but made no difference.

This is really frustrating the hell out of me so ANY HELP would be appreciated!!

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Default Re: Slow download speeds (Road Runner Turbo)

You are forgetting that RoadRunner can only guarantee bandwidth/speed within their own network, as for any ISP. So the other networks you are going to might have heavy traffic at the time and other times my not. Also all the different networks in-between before it gets to your network.
Something else to keep in mind with say YouTube, putting network traffic aside, how busy are their servers?? And where as those particular servers (physical location) maybe those networks are loaded down. Stuff like this all comes into play.

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Default Re: Slow download speeds (Road Runner Turbo)

In a perfect world all your Wifi stuff would connect at 11/54/108mb/s on the nose too....but then there came walls and trees. You really need to not look at it so conventionally and think about how much crap wiring your connecting through, the sites will only be as fast as there weakest point so if one wire on the way to the server in God knows where (Not near you as far as your concerned) is a bit lacking or possibly a tree hits a line and diverts more bandwidth here and there then you get stuck with a slow connection. Sucks but hey thats life....
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