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Default Severe Home Network Problem - Need some help

First let me say thanks for having me. Been a member of computerforum.com for years but this problem seems to be eluding everyone.

A little background. Retired military but also retired Network/Broadband Engineer. Have been in the Computer business for 31 years starting with Unix and Vax machines. Owned two computer businesses, subcontractor for Dell Home Warranty Services, Technical Operations manager then Area Engineer (4 Cities) for Comcast, GM for Copart online Auctions. Numerous certifications. Basically, I put that out there so someone who may be able to help knows I am no novice. I have worked massive outages, down 400 terminal WAN's, etc. But this little home Network of mine is kicking my 4th point of contact. First the problem, then what I have done so far.

Problem: Back in October I upgraded my Network to 802.11AC. The problems didnt start until three weeks ago. On one computer (Desktop) the Network would stay connected but I would lose Net signal. It was intermittent. Then it started happening to the 2nd and finally all 5 computers (2 Desktop high end builds, 3 laptops) as well as both my Blu Ray players, one is a Sony, the other is an LG. The problem over the last three weeks has increased so severely that the signal goes in and out roughly every ten to fifteen seconds.

The first router was an Netgear R6300. (More on that later)

My solutions:

1. While it was up I Pinged several servers, including my own with no issues.

2. I did have to computers on the Network with an IP Conflict. That has been corrected.

3. I disabled the Windows Firewall (I was running 8 on one desktop but now all 5 are running Win 7, 64 bit.

4. I had Kaspersky Pro running on all 5 computers, it also has a firewall, disabled it.

5. Checked signal from Modem, no problems, sent several hits.

6. Disabled the router firewall and the Network Adapter drivers power management.

7. Was running dual band 2.4 and 5 (AC), disabled AC, running only on 5 was still doing the same thing.

8. Figured "Interference" moved the modem and router from the corner high up on the fireplace with a straight shot to three of the Computers and one of the Blu Rays. Computers (One laptop within 3 feet of router) still had the problem and the Blu Ray wont stream.

9. OK, time to replace router. Swapped out (Brand new) Netgear R6300 (Note: all routers firmware updated on boot) for an ASUS RT AC66U. Same problem. Next day swaped out the ASUS with an Linksys EA 6500. Same problem. Kept the Linksys and next day added a brand new Netgear R6300. Same problem. Took the Netgear back, purchased and added a new EA 6500.Same problem. Removed the AC routers and added back my Netgear N router. Same problem. Am currently running a new EA 6500 with the same problem. Within the routers I quadruple checked all settings, they were all correct, including advanced admin on everything. I manually set the channels to 1 and 11 and tried 1 and 5 and 1 and 6. Nothing worked. The 5ghz was on auto and I changed it from mixed to manual and set it to 165. Still the same problem. I uninstalled and deleted all adapter drivers and reinstalled, changed cables several times and moved the router around to and set it on a wooden ladder right in the middle of the house. Reverted back to the old firmware, then re-upgraded the firmware.

Its not the routers, the likelihood of 6 failed routers, 5 of them brand new is pretty low. Its not the adapters. Its not the computers are the Cat 5 cables. I have determined (I think) that it is not hardware related at all. Therefore it has to be interference of some kind.

So I then unplugged everything electrical in the house and pulled the batteries out of all 5 cordless phones and shut my Wifi Hotspots off in both Smart Phones. Only thing on was the computers, which are not broadcasting anything, the router and the modem. I called a buddy at Comcast Provisioning and had him remotely disable the router built in to the modem. I then moved any metal away from the routers and purchased a thumb drive smart meter and measured signal around the router and computers, everything is above 75db.

I am thinking it has to be signal interference of some sort. The only change I saw which happened after Christmas was that there were about 4 networks broadcasting (That I could see) and now there are something like 15 that I am seeing on inSSIDer.

I would greatly appreciate anyone pointing out to me what I am missing. Also, after this post I will attempt to reconnect to the router (I am currently hardwired to the modem) ad post a screen capture of inSSIDer with my Network and the others, maybe someone can tell me if they see if I am missing anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Severe Home Network Problem - Need some help

Here is an inSSIDe 1 minute 30 second video of current networks. My network is the Excalibur. Notice that there is one other that is stronger than mine. This person is broadcasting a single that is stronger than mine and I am 2 feet from my router on a laptop when this was recorded. The issue is I dont see how he would be interfering, I am on channel 1 and he is on channel 11.

screen recorder 1026 440 new - YouTube

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Default Re: Severe Home Network Problem - Need some help

Band splatter is bad in the world of wireless networking. It doesn't matter if you're on opposite end of the band, the channels overlap. If you push too much power the signal with splatter badly. The new max output the FCC allows is now 1 watt. Too much power for home or business if you ask me. That's for experimenters and site to site long range.
If you know who it is offer to check his router programming. If it's a newer TPLink he may have the power output and range settings maxed out. I'm not sure if other brands have that feature. If that's the case and he's using the dinky stock antenna, he'll cook it shortly. I fried one a while back. It wasn't pretty.
I see from your vid that's 2.4Ghz. In the mean time, if your wireless gear can go 5Ghz might be prudent to switch over.
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