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Default Setting up wide area network between two office branches - advice anyone?

We are currently running a small office of about six or so Window 7 workstations. We more recently just acquired a new branch office with pre-existing Window 7 workstations. We are looking to connect to those workstations to the network in our main office, and we donít want to have IT personnel down at the new office. What could you suggest for us to somehow link the two offices?

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Default Re: Setting up wide area network between two office branches - advice anyone?

I'd suggest either:
If you're happy to spend and expect big amounts of traffic:
a leased line/MPLS solution, this is a solution where a telco will provide you with a wire at either site, (and provide their infrastructure in the middle) generally this is going to be faster than any ADSL type connection that you'd be able to get.
you can have it presented as ethernet so you don't even need to worry about media converting and routers etc.

it is still a good idea to run encryption on MPLS networks, but you don't have to - since packets that are numbered for you *should* only be available to you.

if you;re just wondering how to link the sites together:
I'd suggest a VPN. (virtual private network)
designate one office your main office, and run your VPN enpoint there.
either using a hardware appliance (like an ASA, or a checkpoint or watchguard etc) or run a software appliance, (swanVPN, OpenVPN or windows routing and remote access server) so your branch office "dials up" your main office and establishes an office to office connection.

the good part of this is that in running a VPN endpoint you're setting up to allow tele/home/road etc workers.
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