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Default Setting up a school-like network

If anyone goes to school or college, or maybe has just left will know all the computers (workstations) in the building will connect to a nice big server/s in the cupboard down the hall. This/Them server/s will hold all the user accounts, policies, a proxy for the web, and most of the programs are stored on it which you can then access on your workstation.

How does the Technician or Network Admin do this? I know the workstation connects to the network domain and retreives the user accounts from there, and so is the network drive - I already know how to do this. Although how do they make the server a proxy for the web (as a internet gateway), or install programs on the server which you can then access from the start menu?

It's just one of them questions that has puzzled me, and can't seem to find information on Google about this; I also know Windows Server 2003 is involved, which I have.

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Default Re: Setting up a school-like network

lol it seems to me that you're making it more complicated than it has to be Windows server 2003, is simply an operating system interface that an admin can use to manage whats going on in the server, just like your operating systems is used to manage your personal machine. The only difference is that it's a faster computer with a lot of free space.

From there, other accounts can access the resources that have been put on the server.

You can even make your own PC a small server by creating and mapping a network drive for your home network... its small and simple enough to have no need for its own NOS. Anyone on the network (or even use a VPN to access the resources) can see whatever is put into that network drive.... but like you said you already know the network drive.

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Default Re: Setting up a school-like network

Good question... my choice for the proxy server would be something like MS's ISA SERVER. Which is probably what they have, although ISA server has evolved to more like a firewall. There are tons of enterprise proxy server software. As far as storing files on the server, most enterprises do not do that....they will push software or updates from an SMS server or advertise programs that the clients can run in "RUN ADVERTISED" in the control panel, which more than likely you do not have. We also have an "Apps" folder that we (admins) can install licensed programs for clients. All in all just about all the clients keep their data on their notebooks...some will have a share drive they can back up data to and some if their unit pays for will have "connected" a program that backs up their hard drive over the network in the background.
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Default Re: Setting up a school-like network


Lets look at these questions in turn...
I'll give you some answers, you need to google stuff that you don't fully understand, or come back with more specific questions.

The server holds user accounts...
the server uses active directory (usually) to hold the student accounts.
this is a server program that runs the domain, Active directory allows you to make user accounts that can log onto the domain, each user account as certain details connected to them, (like a mail box, and a profile folder, and a home directory). the users profile sets the home directory and maps a drive to it.

the server is the network drive
the server is not necessarily the network drive as well, but it could be, as I said abovev what the (domain) server does do is set up your home drive and tell the computer that you're logging on to to create a home drive (usually H for home or N for network) and where the location of your home drive is

the server is the internet gateway.
the server is likely not to be the gateway, there is more likely some dedicated network hardware for that. so that non proxied traffic just goes straight out. as set by firewall rules to allow it.

the server is the proxy server
any server can be a proxy server, a couple of people above have recommended ISA server, if you can afford that great, if not search for a free one, (like squid, or privoxy). these cache content, provide users report, lock some file types if they aren't allowed on the network etc.

install programs on the server accessible from the start menu
if it's just an EXE file you can run this from anywhere, you just double click and it'll run.

you could also use a remote application solution lilke citrix or TSapps

install programs on the client from the server.
you can use active directory and group policy objects to make software install on client workstations when they boot up.
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