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Default Setting up First Network

Hi guys

Looking to set up a small house network so myself and my housemates can use the broadband.
I don't know a huge amount about routers wireless or wired and was looking for some info. Did do a search but couldn't find much to help.

If i'm setting up a network with just one other computer how easy is it just to plug it into my comp and have it connect to the net through mine?


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Default Re: Setting up First Network

well what kind of internet connection do you have?

that's where it starts.

usually with a cable or dsl connection you simply get a Router, some category 5/5e/6 cable one cable for each pc(any of those'll work.), and soem Network Interface Cards (NICs). and of course an network enabled OS with the Transmission Control Protocol/Internetwoking Protocol (TCP/IP) standard enabled.

Then you would follow the directions provided by the hardware manufacturer(s) to get setup. Nics are easy to install in your PCI slot, for windows it's plug-n-play so your card is autodetected and If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP is used in your network, it will automatically give you an IP address. However, I do not recommend this for home setups unless you got lots of pcs. windows xp will soemtimes give you the wrong default gateway which dotn match your router!

For Example:
when you get a linksys "network everyewhere" series router you would need to have it setup as a gateway instead of a router or you will not get an outside IP.
also when you get this make sure to hook it up the the "internet"port not the first port labeled "port one" linksys routers are a peice of cake!!

Internet connectivity setup for windows xp:::::::

go to "network connections"
go to the connection

make sure that it has gotten the right IPs if it is setup as defualt for DHCP
if not you may have to statically assign an IP
do this by right clicking on that connection and going to properties,

now go to TCP/IP protocol
then click properties.

now go to the address section and enter the values that you need.
(for help on this go to the router setup on linksys network everywhere routers or linksys in genreal go to the IP confi address and then look at the settings there and the IP range)
then you'll enter these addresses in there:
for example if my router had the IP of:
your IP address Id select would be:

the subnet mask is inputted for you:

the defualt gateway is your router's IP. which in this case would be

and then look for the DNS servers on your routers setup....

to make this easier linksys gives you a setup cd!!!

To get online with Internet explorer you'd go to your internet explorer properties and go to connections, then lan settings,

there you'd check the "automatic settings" checkbox and click ok.

then click ok to close the rest.

to share files all you would need to do is to right click on "my computer" and go to computer name and choose a workgroup name for your home network shoose soemthing creative and easy to remember keep it short.

then do the same on teh other computers!

next after work group configuration right click on teh folder(s) you wish to share and go to the properties page and go to teh sharing tab and click "I want to share this folder..." and then click ok.

Now youve shoudlheve gotten the folder shared and your network should be up and running

I fyou need more information pelase let me know!

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Old 09-27-2004, 05:30 PM   #3
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Right so i've got kind of a network setup and heres the situation.
I bought a Netgear RP614 Router and when I went to set up the network I realised that I have a USB DSL Modem which unsurprisingly you can't link together.
So at the moment I have the Modem plugged into my computer and the Router plugged into my Network Port. And I have plugged another computer into Terminal 1 of the router.

The Router says it can detect the internet and the second computer.
When I set up the network on the second computer it can't find an internet connection. I have followed all the troubleshooting in the manual but nothing works.

Can you actually run a network like this??? And if you can what Am I doing wrong???
Or should I ditch this network and go and buy a ADSL Modem Router??

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Default Re: Setting up First Network

yes, get a new modem thats cablable of connecting to the RJ45(ethernet) port.
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