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Default Router Troubles

Earlier i asked how to connect a hard drive to a router and access files from any device (laptop, xbox, phone, etc). I connected a hard drive to my router (Linksys E1550). I went into my network devices and didnt see the route so i figured it must be in the router setup page. I brought that up and clicked on the storage tab. It said there trying to load for a bit but then my internet cut out. I was still connected to the router wirelessly but now no internet access. I disconnected the hard drive and powered the router on and off with srill no internet. How do i get internet back (first) then how do i do the hard drive part. Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Router Troubles

My drive popped right up on the local network after setting up the FTP and media sharing pages. No joy on hitting it from the internet though.
As for yours what format is the drive formatted in? NTFS, FAT, FAT32? Check the router setup info for the format it can read. Also make sure you're not over drawing the rather limited amount of current the USB port supplies. My external drive is a WD passport 500gigger. If you have anything bigger than that if it has a wallwart, make sure it's plugged in. When all else fails get a small powered USB port and install it. Takes the load off the hardware you're plugged in to.
Concerning the internet cutting out it may have been a glitch in the router firmware. Reset the router to factory defaults with the drive connected and see if it comes back.
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