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Default Router/Internet nightmare!

Well, I guess I don't know that the router is the issue, but that's what its looking like to me. Here's whats goin on. I set up a branch office with a VPN to our main office. I configured the router with the Static IP config that was provided to me by the ISP. Everything was fine for about a week, then our internet there (branch office) went down. It went down when the ISP was out there working on something. I first thought was they might have messed something up with the IP address. So they came back out and sure enough they said they had changed us to DHCP. They gave us back the right IP and left. Our router still doesn't have an internet connection. If I do a power cycle on the router the internet connection comes back for 5 to 10 minutes. I can't make any sense out of that. I tested it by unplugging the line from the router and plugging it into a laptop with the static IP entered in. It stayed up with an active connection. So thats were I'm at. The router works for 5 to 10 minutes if I power cycle it. Is it broken? Its only 5 months old. There were no problems until the ISP came out to do some work. I haven't been able to prove to the ISP that its an IP issue because it works fine with the laptop. ANY thoughts or ideas are MUCH appreciated. Thanks!


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Default Re: Router/Internet nightmare!

so the DHCP , you mean on the WAN or LAN. If they took your static IP address and replaced it with dynamic address, well that is why your vpn will not work.

what flavor of broadband ? sounds like DSL
If it is dsl there should be a "keep alive" or keep connected setting in the router. It should be on the page where you configure PPOE. Sounds like it might be set for 15 minutes or so

try doing a complete reset of the router, write down all the settings, some routers the settings can be saved to a pc, then imported back into the router.
by the way what madel router and manufacturer. ?

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Default Re: Router/Internet nightmare!

I mean DHCP on the modem. It would be a public so WAN I guess....The internet doesn't work at the location currently.

You're right, the connection is DSL. I can't tell you much about the modem because I have no control over it. The building just gives us a line and an IP to use. The office is in China so they do things in a way that I haven't really figured out yet. The router is a Watchguard Firebox. The thing that throws me for a loop is the router works perfectly for about 10 minutes after a reboot, but if I put the exact same TCP/IP settings into the laptop and plug it in, it works fine.

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