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In Runtime
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Default RM Computers?

Hi all,

(Not sure if this is the right forum to post in, but just hoping to gain some info)

I work in an education environment, and the school are looking for a new system / setup..
They are contemplating RM Computers, for an age range of anything from 5-11..

I was just wondering if any of you have experience working with RM Computers? I am wondering if there are any usual errors that these types of pc's (hardware or software) throw up? Are they on the whole a good choice? easy to use and maintain as an administrator?

I know the question is a bit vague - but just any general info would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: RM Computers?

yes, used them all through my School life, and they were pretty good.
and chose to buy them whilst I was working in a university. as IT staff
again, pretty good.
usual errors? I never really experienced any errors with RM PCs, occasionally a hard drive might fail, but only after a number of years, and that's really a component that's made by another manufacturer anyway.

are they a good choice? yes, especially for primary ages as you can run an RM work groups program that makes the computer a little easier for kids to use, (a bit like windows 3.11 where everything is there for them to use and they don't have to hunt through the start menu to find it).

easy to administer?
as easy as any other PC.

their on-site support, (assuming that you have a decent contract) is quite good, but for the most part if you;re just setting up an IT suit next day support etc in a primary school just isn't needed.
You'll also find that the tesco computers for schools is run in conjunction with the firm, thus you might find that occasionally you'll get a free one when parents bring in the vouchers.

Generally, you'll also find that the RM machines are a lot cheaper than Dell machines, (though not quite as cheap as Viglen -assuming that they will supply to you as they usually only supply to universities and colleges).
but in order to get a bulk discount you might find it easier to approach the LEA to see if they have contracts in place and if you can get discounts ordering through them rather than going direct.

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Default Re: RM Computers?

Thanks root - Much appreciated - ill have a look into the 'RM Works group' program highlighted earlier.

Thanks again for the info - any other input is appreciated from anyone.
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