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Default Re: Quick question, I hope.

I'm not worried about them seeing the camera so much it's just on a switch that I didn't want them to have access to. They more or less know what we're doing but don't ask questions. The switch has 2 fujitsu servers that are also networked with PLCs. The Dell, and the 2 Fujitsus all have secondary nic cards which I assigned IPs to, all starting with 220.6.5## Originally we thought we'd VPN into the network, remote desktop into the dell and then remote into the fujitsu servers so we can handle problems remotely when off-site. Remote desktop was very laggy so I went with PCAnywhere instead and installed it as a gateway on the Dell and set the 2 fujitsus up as hosts. IT knows we have these servers we just didn't want them to be able to access them in any way shape or form. Updates or anything of that nature would cause a problem.

I'm a bit new at all this so thanks for bearing with me. Probably the best thing to do is to take the camera off the private network and onto the corp network. My only concern was bandwidth issues but I can work around that. Like I say, I'm still trying to learn as I go. I need to read up some more and get my head wrapped around this a bit better. I was thinking I had set up a subnetwork but after reading your posts I now I was completely off on that. This weekend I need to try and find a few books to read and get a better understanding of what I'm doing.


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Default Re: Quick question, I hope.

Ok got a better picture in my mind, this can or should I say to able to do work with your current setup. You can even keep the addressing on the private network since you are already behind the companies router I don’t think using 220.6.5.*** scheme will be a problem. Just keep in mind the way you currently get into your companies’ network this should work fine but if they change anything in the future it could cause a problem and might have to change the address scheme on your private network, but this is kind of unlikely. Just a heads –up.

Basically you need to look at the cameras documentation and see what ports the cameras program uses it might be even a range of ports. I assume you already have a static IP for the camera, for now let’s just call it and just for now let’s say the ports are 6000-6005.
What you need to do is go into the Internet Connection Sharing on your Dell machine and find “port forwarding” I can’t walk you through this I have not used Internet Connection Sharing since Windows NT 4.0 (about 10 years ago). Basically what you want to do is forward the ports to the cameras address in our case Next your home computer! Log on to your companies VPN open up the program for the camera and put in the Dells nic 1 address and you should be in.

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