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Default New Wireless Repeater/Extender

So we are looking to get a new wireless repeater/extender that hopefully doesn't require us to create multiple networks. I've found this one WN2000RPT | WiFi Range Extenders | Networking | Home | NETGEAR and this one WN3500RP. Will we be required to setup additional networks with these two?

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Default Re: New Wireless Repeater/Extender

What do you mean 'setup additional networks'?

I've not used a range extender but it's my understanding that you plug an ethernet cord into them that's connected to the network in some way and then it creates wifi where the signal couldn't reach before.

And I've also not used a repeater, but it's my understanding that you set them up right on the edges of your wifi network, it picks up the signal, amplifies it, and sends it back out.

Neither method, in my mind, requires an additional network. Plus the goal is to connect to your existing network anyway so that would completely defeat the purpose of using the device.

The second device would be nice because it won't require you to run a network cable to the location where your dead spot is. Also, fwiw, the extender has some pretty negative reviews on Amazon. It only has a total of 3 stars (which is relatively low for amazon).

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Default Re: New Wireless Repeater/Extender

As jmacavali said, repeaters detect, amplify and re-emit whereas extenders take wired input e.g. from an ethernet powerline adapter, and re-generate the signal from scratch.

Both of these devices might require you to duplicate some configuration items from your main (existing) wifi router, depending on how well they sense the encryption protocol etc.

The type of device which would require setting up a new network would be a 'bridge-mode adapter'. This connects via wired ethernet (like the extender) but instead of using your main wifi router network config and credentials it has its own. The use-case for this kind of device is to generate an ad-hoc guest network or for use in hotels etc. where you can avoid giving out (or changing) your main wifi credentials or don't have access to the core network infrastructure for modification, respectively.
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