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Default Re: Networking Courses (Advice greatly appreciated)

Originally Posted by netBooger View Post
Hmmm...Interesting. I took Statistics in H.S. for college credit, but the school I went to wouldn't accept it. I am not sure how it all works, but be careful about the College credits you get in H.S.
that's where it gets confusing. The only challenge class I got credit from was Comp. 1...and it was through a state univ (which is where I'm going for college) so I know it will transfer.

The PSEO program is me PHYSICALLY going to college...I don't go to the high school at all anymore. So it's like double duty. I'm a college student and earning college credit but at the same time it's counting toward my HS grad. requirements.

Haha....everyone gets confuzzzled.


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Default Re: Networking Courses (Advice greatly appreciated)

My school is bull. My comulative GPA is 3.9 even though I've taken 3 advanced classes and gotten an A on all of them my freshmen and sophomore year (3 each year). This year I'm taking 4 AP classes and 1 advanced, I had all but 1 A first semester of this Junior year. (B is AP US History). I would be ranked 1 in my class if they did weighed grades. I'd be slightly ahead of this other kid who's done pretty much the same thing I did with the exception that he wasn't in English 3A first semester of Junior year. I would be standing at a 4.5 or so. Makes me so mad.

This summer I'll be taking Calc 2 at WSU, Calc 3/Diff Eq 1 1st semester of Senior, Linear Algebra 2nd. I hope this will help me enter MIT or Stanford for a Software Engineering, Mech Engineering, or Aeronatuical Engineering degree.

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Default Re: Networking Courses (Advice greatly appreciated)

Net and Cele. Your guys post were so appreciated and I honestly thank you both for the help. Computer Science was my original choice for when I get out of this technical college, because it was the only major that I feel applies to what I'm learning now. MIS(Management Information Science) was new to me and I'll begin to research into that. I guess it will be computer science or MIS. Cele, Net - thanks again guys, another reason I love this forum

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