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Old 12-25-2005, 09:55 PM   #1
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Default network slowing down need help

my network has slowed down really bad. recently my pings in bf2 have been at 200 250 where im normaly at 40 or 50. Im using a router with dsl hooked up to three computers. I took some snap shots of netsend and it seems as if I have alot of listening ports. Is that ok?

this is the top part of the window

this is the bottom

i really need to know what is going on. thx

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Default Re: network slowing down need help

Due to an XP odd behavior, the network browsing is sometimes delay by 15 to 30 seconds. Learn how to stop this delay.

Directions -
Who knows why, but XP first checks for scheduled tasks on a target machine before it will list the files and folders for that target machine.

We've all seen this. You click on a network computer to browse... and you sit there and wait. We can download files screaming quick, but, man, that first delay is a killer.

Somebody will probably leave a comment that this delay is needed to prevent the world from coming to an end. That 15 to 30 seconds drives me crazy... and this is how to stop it.

This involves the registry so backup your registry before trying this. Heck, you probably should back up your whole computer and take out life insurance as well.

In regedit navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\
Explorer\Remote Computer\NameSpace

And delete the following key:

Close regedit and reboot.

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Default Re: network slowing down need help

Looks like your PC is running wide open! Most viruses, especially trojans look for these open ports. Granted, to do online gaming, certain ports need to be open, but you have a very long list there. I would do some research on what ports are supposed to be open, and for what services.
On another note, if your computer has recently slowed down, it is possible that your computer has been compromised. Do you have event logging enabled? I would do that first.....
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