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Default Network Issues

Hello I am having a problem with my network and I mjust wanted to know if it was normal to have it,

Sometimes when I'm online on my own it will be fast and fine but I have about 4 or 5 pc's connected to my Zxel prestige and sometimes when they are all online at the same time it laggs like hell and my webpages sometimes refuse to load, I can understand why that is doing that.

But why sometimes does the network just shut down for all the pc's in my house and I have to turn of my ntl box then wait 30 seconds and turn it back on again, then it will work again but I am not sure why sometimes it will just stop working for everyone in the house, is it because the NTL box get's hot and needs to be rebooted often or is it because the network get's busy with everyone on at the same time and makes the network short of resources so that it is forced to shut down, can somone please explain please as I just assume it's because it's busy..

Thanks for reading

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Default Re: Network Issues

This same thing used to happen when I worked for a local computer repair company. They had a modem, along with a 4 port router, and each of them were feeding an 8 port switch. The router was getting soooooo hot, you could fry an egg on it. The issue was heat. We actually took the top off the router, and placed a small fan blowing directly on it. It helped for a while, until the router went out. Replaced it with another, same issue. They needed to upgrade to a 24 port layer 2 switch, but they was too cheap to do so. With 5 computers, all on line at the same time, I would say your NTL is getting warm, and causing you to loose connection. Or put a fan on it....
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