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Default Need help from a Pro :P

I live in Hawaii so the internet is not that great, (time warner oceanic). I have a Cisco Valet Plus wireless router, about 60 feet away (between 1.5 walls) I get horrible signal.

I've created an aluminum foil reflector to bounce the signal in the general direction I need it, but other than the poor range the internet is very slow. I did a speed test and I'm getting 2.2mbs download and .95mbs upload, does anyone have any tips for how I can improve this in any way shape or form? I've been researching it for about two days now and I can't really find any specific information about the SPEED of the internet, just stuff on boosting the range.

Is there any way for me to do this? Or am I stuck with mediocre internet because I'm in hawaii?

EDIT: More information: I have 3 devices connected to the wireless (two phones, just for calls) and my PS3 for netflix but even with all three devices off I was getting the speeds I posted.

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Default Re: Need help from a Pro :P

Well I had this problem in some resent events, I told them a good thing to do would be to buy another router and put it half way... we did and I set it up so it would boost the signal..

Or buy a usb antenna

ALFA AWUS036NH 2W Wireless N WiFi USB Adapter+Antenna | eBay

and hook it up with a usb male to female long stretch

5m Metre USB 2.0 Extension Cable Lead A to A Male to Female 480mbps 3m 2m Lead | eBay

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Default Re: Need help from a Pro :P

you could always get thos wifi extenders staples sells them or best buy..i used one before in a apartment complex when i worked for this company. for some reason verizon stuck the wireless router down in the basement instead of like finding a way to put it in the hallway. So i stuck a wifi extender between the floors and the people who worked there said they had better signal so.
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Default Re: Need help from a Pro :P

What speed are you paying for thru your ISP? If you are paying for a 2M connection and getting 2.2M downloads then you are doing well. However, if you're paying for a 10M connection and only getting 2.2M downloads then you have a problem. I would gladly trade your 2.2M downloads for the 1.5M MAX downloads I get from my ISP.

Do the other computers on your router see faster downloads?
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