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Old 03-04-2010, 02:27 AM   #1
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Default LONG range Wi-Fi

To give a little background info I live at a trailer park, and the park has recently decided to change our cable provider. Subsequently I now have a new internet provider, but my internet is about 3x slower than it formally was. Now I have recently came up with the idea that I could use antennas and signal amplifiers to access Wi-Fi hotspots that would normally be impossible to reach from my house. My Idea is to get a GPS and mark a way point at the hotspot in question, later to use that data to help point my antenna. Then connect said antenna to a Alfa wireless adapter. I read in a forum that with the right antenna that it is possible to connect to wi-fi hotspots up to .5 miles away, which is pretty impressive. I want to take that adapter and connect to an old desktop of mine and hopefully connect my wireless router to that pc, through it's lan connection, and re-route the wi-fi in my house.

That being said I have a few questions 1) do you think this could possibly work 2) any information about antenna that would be required would be very useful I know very little about antennas/radios, but any info about the type of antenna I would need would be great. I'm gonna need a really high gain one, I know. I'm hoping there are any options>18db? 3)How could I hook up a wireless router to a computer so that I can route the internet that computer has access to wirelessly thought my house.

I know this is a complicated post and I apologize ,but any answers to any of the questions above would be a huge help

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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

1) I personally don't think it will work. I don't know that it would be any faster either.

2) Can't help with this one.

3) Don't think you can do that. This is my main reason for saying it won't work. I don't know of anyway to "push" a wireless signal from a desktop to a wireless router. You might -- MIGHT -- be able to use ICS (Interent Connection Sharing) but I don't know that I've ever seen anyone use it to hook up to a wireless router with it.

Overall, I don't think it would be really worth it. Just my opinion.

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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

Get DSL. It's costing peanuts a month now days.
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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

If your talking about things not being worth it DSL is definitely not. I mean I already have pretty high speed internet It's just not the speeds im accustom to, so switching to DSL is not really something that I believe would give me any sort of real bandwidth boost. I know what I'm talking about doing may or may not even be possible much less actually result in me being able to actually be able to obtain higher band width, but I've heard so little about it being done that I find it to be a very Interesting possiblity...
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Old 03-04-2010, 03:23 PM   #5
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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

How fast are you accustomed to? DSL can top 6mb/s in most places.
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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

I currently have 1.1 mb/s cable internet my former would have had to have been around 3 mb/s because the average download takes 3 times as long.

Let me raise ask something about my 3 question. Couldn't i hook a desktop to my router and then use the router to make a wireless LAN then connect another computer to the one connect to the router then share it's internet?
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Default Re: LONG range Wi-Fi

I don't really get where the desktop comes in here? Why not try to pick up the signal from the router directly?

It's an interesting challenge, and theoretically I guess it could work. However, you're talking slim chances here, and even if it does the speed decrease due to having such a poor signal will most likely decrease your speed, not increase it!

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