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Default Re: Laptop Refuses to Connect to the Internet

Hello and Welcome to Computer Forums

Follow these chapters:

Why you use USB Dongle?
USB Dongle won't connect to Internet.
Do you play with WiFi's button?
Try reinstalling Windows (if you have CD), if you don't have CD with CD Internet USB Dongle, try putting the CD USB Dongle, install it and see if that helps

:::::: If your problem still persists ::::::

1. Go to Device Manager
2. Look for Internet Devices that will shown under here
3. Look for yellow exclamation mark comes with Internet Connections
4. Double check the network connection, router cable and router Internet light that is not red or yellow, Green only to connect to Internet
5. Update, or install another model of Internet Connection that you're using, Make sure that you're updating or installing the network adapter that is compatible with your Windows version and your model that is correct
6. Restart your computer immediately after install or update the Internet driver

For installing:

1. Reinstall the driver that is compatible with Windows 7 and your model that you're using is correct
2. Restart your laptop immediately after installing this Network driver

For updating:

1. Locate the yellow exclamation mark with Network Connection, Right click on it and click Update
2. Locate the folder the network that is compatible with Windows 7 and your model is correct (not wrong models or wrong incompatibilities)
3. Click Browse from CD or Hard Drive, if you have USB that contains your Internet Connection (with .CAT file)
4. Click Update to update your network connection to replace the wrong with correct model driver
5. Restart your laptop immediately after updating this Network driver

For checking and rebooting routers:

1. Locate your Router that is in your room that you put it in anyplace, anywhere
2. Please recheck the router driver that is connected at all and then reboot your router by Power or Reset button (if have)
3. Turn on the router (if you used Power button) to see if the light of WiFi goes to green
4. Restart your laptop immediately after restarting the router

If your problem still persists, Reinstall Windows

If your problem still persists after Windows Reinstall, Need to buy a new laptop

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Default Re: Laptop Refuses to Connect to the Internet

woah, backup and think for a second...
(there is a boat load of things to do before re-installing windows, and buying a new laptop is probably some of the worst advice I ever heard!)

the triangle means (usually) that the device is connected (cable probably working or at least part working) (else a red X would show disconnection) but that there is a problem.

so start from the beginning.
Is the cable working properly?

Have you tried an alternative cable?

is a green light shown on the adapter and on the switch that it's connected to (activity lights).

Do other machines connected to the same switch get internet access?

How is the IP address assigned (static or dynamic)?

Is the address assigned properly? -and does it match your network?
e.g does the customer assign their own address or and your network is DHCP assigned 192.168.1.x/24?)

Is the gateway set correctly - e.g. EVEN if you checked the address did you check it all?
if your network is gateway
and your customer statically assigned address to the machine with gateway then it'll see the local network but not the internet.

Brings up a good point, can you see local network resources?

Can you ping the local gateway? (you won't get onto the internet if you can't see the gateway).

go to the command prompt and type route print
has your route table got any weird entries?

if your switch can be configured (i.e. a managed switch) have you done anything funky with the ports, (e.g. port security like 802.1x, or put it into a VLAN without internet access)

I suspect (given that you have installed a new NIC in the form of a USB adapter) have up to date drivers for that, an STILL can't get online, that there is a problem with your routing table, perhaps a static route that breaks things?

I've only ever in my life once seen a virus that embedded itself into the TCP/IP stacks driver files meaning that removing the infected file meant breaking TCP/IP networking, if this is the case then you should see some useful stuff in the event viewer, (e.g can't find some file).

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Default Re: Laptop Refuses to Connect to the Internet

Originally Posted by YoungIT View Post
Yeah, we tried the second one, and that didn't work. I already tried reinstalling the drivers and that was a no go, because we couldn't find the drivers for it!
Did you try the first at all? it does walk you through how to manually find the default windows drivers after the device is (temporarily) deleted.

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