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Default Internet Spike speeds and Slows

I have had this problem for a couple months now. Before i just ignored it when i wasn't using my internet but now things have changed and i have started gaming more frequently. Since then i have switched ip's and the problem still persists, i cannot say with certainty if it has been for the better.
Usually i encounter the problems around sometime after 7pm, when playing league of legends my ping will rise to around 500(With bf3 150-500), and at times returning to normal toward end game of the match, although thats not to say it stops, but rather rests until it will attack me again for the savage it is. I am supposed to have a dl speed around 25mb and an upload speed around 2, but with this problem it can hover around 5mb or 2mb and the upload speed at .75, or .5 or .1. It seems that the problem becomes more visible when i play a game, as if it some spark to the flame.(Speed tests run at speedtest.net). Its also strange that when this problem occurs sometimes the download speed isnt affect but the upload speed can be, but never seems to be the opposite or atleast as frequently.

I have tried power cycling, i have tried direct connect with a modem which seems to sooth the problem but not by much, i have tried using google dns but that seems to not of helped, i have tried ipconfig/flushdns but that seems to not have done anything, and i have tried ip/release /renew. I feel like it has trapped me, i cant solve the problem, so helpless.

I have tried to contact my isp, and i have called them 3-4 times but solving nothing really, and now that i have a new isp i dont believe they will be much help which is why im asking you guys, but if nothing is resolved then i guess i will have to do it.

Going through the internet, i think maybe the problem may have something to do with networking shaping, Dns Resolver issues, viruses ( although i thought i have wiped my computer once when i had this problem), some sort of http business, network card, or network interference with electrical stuff.

Running Windows 7 professional
eset NOD32 Antivirus
Dxdiag in attachments (apparently there is no attachemnt option?)
ICSI report here ICSI Netalyzr — Results
Months worth of Speedtest.net results here Speedtest.net - Results (although atimes when i was experience the problem i would forget to log back in so yeah, aswell as trying different sites for testing.)
Linksys wrt54g v7 or v8 model i think

P.s. is it weird that when i have 4 tabs open in mozzila it takes up 350,000 memory? And i know nothing about this stuff/problem so any input i would be grateful for, or to do the basics again.

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Default Re: Internet Spike speeds and Slows

What type of Internet do you have? Is it Cable or DSL?

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Default Re: Internet Spike speeds and Slows

Who else is using your internet? Do you have wifi and is it password protected. Do you share it with anyone?
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