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Exclamation Internet Sharing Problem

I've been trying to connect the internet that my PC connects to via wireless adapter to my mac by an ethernet cable, because my mac's airport is broken. For the time being, I can't get my mac's airport fixed (Hardware. Airport card broken for mac), but in the past (month) I've been able to share the wireless internet from my home router my pc recieves and give it to my mac to connect to internet via the ethernet wire.

This had been working, until we bought a new router and modem and now I can't seem to get it working. Internet sharing for the specific connection has been enabled on the PC, yet when I connect it to mac. On the mac screen it says "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect" in the ethenet option under preferences>network. I have tried diagnostics and restarting the router and modem and well as uncheck the "Use passive FTP" under proxy box, but still no connection. I don't see why there would be any firewalls, but I don't know if there is a firewall i can take down when i login to the router's ip online.

All my computers have the IP adress 196.168.1.() but when i connect on my mac USING DHCP it gives me the IP adress, so i tried connecting manually giving it a 196.168.1.() adress and gave the routers IP but still no luck (maybe there was something else i needed to do?

I know for a fact that the internet works since it connects via ethernet from the router to the mac, but i want to use it "wirelessly" away from the modem by using PC like a router that i can connect to via ethernet for my mac.

I used to just connect by using DHCP on my mac and Configure IPv6 AUTOMATICALLY and it worked so I don't understand why those settings wouldn't work this time. I have also tried hitting Renew DHCP lease on the TCP/IP tab on the mac.

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Default Re: Internet Sharing Problem

I can tell you the reason you get "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect" is because you statically assigned the IP on your MAC.
Give this a try.
on the PC co to the Command Prompt and do an ipconfig
You should get something like
IP Address......................192.168.1.X
Subnet Mask...................
Default gateway..............192.168.1.X (<- this should be your routers IP address)

1. On your mac statically assign the IP to 192.168.1.X (the last number should be something no used by anything hooked to your network)
2. Make the Subnet mask
3. Make the default gateway you PC's IP address that appeared when you did the ipconfig.

Give this a try and let me know if it works.

Quick Question. When you connect your MAC to your PC using a CAT5 cable (Ethernet Cable) check your PC to see if there are two Local Area connections. If so its because your PC is making the Router one of the connections via wireless and the other is your MAC. The might just be an internal IP used by the connection between your MAC and PC.
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