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Default Internet Connectivity Issues

Ok, Hey guys and Girls.

My uncles internet is playing up a bit. He has a cable connection from Virgin, with a cable modem. A couple of weeks ago, he wanted to upgrade to wireless so he now has a wireless router which I fitted. SO his connection is now ran through both the cable modem and the router.

Now the problem is that the internet speeds are terrible, after max 10 minutes of turning the computers on, the internet speeds drop and an internet page can barley be opened. He has two computers, one on XP (Ethernet) and one on Vista (wireless) and both are experiencing the same problem, to fix this I need to leave the modem unplugged for 30 seconds, and then the internet is fine for max another 10 minutes. Ive tried going back to the original setup with just the modem but the issue still lives on. Ive called up virgin and they said there is no problem on their end. I am now stuck for ideas.

Thanks for the help.

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Default Re: Internet Connectivity Issues

Did you implement any wireless security measures? If it's just left open, then anyone could be connecting through your router and eating up bandwidth. I would go further than just wireless security, I would go the route of MAC filtering so the only devices that can use your internet connection are ones that you specify.

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Default Re: Internet Connectivity Issues

Hi cboucher

Thanks for the reply, Yes there is security in place, I had WPA placed on for the encryption. Also, I forgot to mention that, in the 10 minute window, I performed a speed test and a line check, the speed test came back with a 3mbs connection, and the line test was fine apart from 11% of the packets were getting lost.

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Internet Connectivity Issues

Have you checked all of the filters (On the phones?)?
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Default Re: Internet Connectivity Issues

If it's a cable modem, there are no filters. There would only be filters if it was a DSL modem.

You need to get Virgin to look at it closer. You need them to look at it more than if there is a problem on their end. It sounds like the modem is going bad and needs replaced/worked on. I'd call them again and explain the situation and demand that they send someone out to look at it or provide more help. I don't think there is going to be anything you'll be able to do because I really feel it is in the modem.
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