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Default Internet Connection Sharing - Detectable?

Hello, i am currently at University and in halls where the only internet connection available is through one network port for one device which you have to assign to the network with its MAC address.

This has worked fine for just my laptop, the xbox i can get connected by changing the MAC address on the xbox to the laptops one and taking out the cable and putting it in the xbox.

They are strict on rules here and no routers or switches are allowed just the one device.

I need to be able to use my iPad while here and i am struggling to find a way to be able to get online through the connection without getting detected.

As i walk around the campus there are a few connections available called 'Connectify Me' After searching around quite a few people use this however from what i understand all it does is get another ip from the network and displays the same mac address as the pc at the same time.

At the minute i have simply enabled a ad hoc network on my laptop through the wireless connection and turned on internet connection sharing. It works fine but i don't want to get in trouble with it. Checking the IP on the ipad it shows like its got its own assigned from the laptop as its in a different pool from the IP the laptop has to the network so from what i can gather the laptop looks normal on the network and the ipad data is pulled through the laptop so the admins can't really see easily?

Anyone any ideas?

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Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing - Detectable?

Good IT Admins will see everything, including the type of device based on the MAC address and IP address, which is traceable on many levels.

If they really are that strict about it, they're usually monitoring it like nobody's business. Since it's a violation of a ruleset, all I'll say is that what you're doing is what I may do in your shoes... it sounds overly strict in an age when the internet is a vital resource.

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Default Re: Internet Connection Sharing - Detectable?

Well, you could try cloning a routers MAC address and make sure to use NAT. as far as how you have it set up now, it shouldn't be too risky. If they do bust you with it, explain how they found out. Odds are if they do find out they had to do some significant port scanning which is questionably legal. I wouldn't worry about it, most you'd probably get anyways is a talking to.
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