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Default internet connection probs

Hi y'all, I'm from Holland so if im not clear, you know why. I have a question about wireless connections in a big town. I live in a fairly big city and my connection is failing at least 10 times a day. My provider told me this might be because of the fact that i can receive a ton of signals (other wireless network). Now, i don't buy that so im looking for a solution. In comparison, i don't believe people in large cities in the US have these problems and some of them harbor more citizens than my entire country does. So i wanted to ask: I have this internet package (check out the specs if you will) is there something else that your providers offer and by that, overcome the frequency overload? different types of modems perhaps? please help! thnx in advance!

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Default Re: internet connection probs

Do you mean that it just drops randomly for a few seconds?
I doubt it's a frequency issue. If that were an issue in large cities anywhere then Internet companies would be called all the time about this, making it not worth their while and eventually causing customers to leave.

Are you on wireless right now? If so try connecting a cable to your desktop/laptop and disabling your Wireless connection. See if the problem still persists.
What are you doing when the internet connection drops?
Look at the lights on your DSL modem. Does a light turn red when the internet drops? Depending on which light (if any) is turning red we can work out what your next actions can be with your Internet Provider.
Lastly, what are the specs of your computer? Do you, by chance, have a dual core AMD processor? If so please add the specs of it to your next reply. If you don't know it please post the model of your (prebuilt) computer.

Optionally, you can run a ping test. Open up a command prompt (go to start>run and type in cmd press enter and a black box pops up)
type in

ping google.com -t

and press enter .. or google.nl lol whichever works for you

This will constantly give you replies. Those are good. You want those to be between 0 and maybe 100MS. Let us know if it goes to 500 or 1000 or something.. maybe even 3000. When your internet goes down, look at the ping test. See what's happening. Does it say "Request time out"? That means your connection dropped. Typically you'll still be connected through one or two dropped requests.. but if you get 5 in a row you have a problem.

Basically this depends on if a light is going red on your DSL modem. Either it's your company's fault or yours

Good luck!


I forgot to add, let me know if there are negative numbers on the ping test. This may have to do with your processor.
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