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Unhappy Incredibly slow wireless

Hey guys,

I'm not much of a computer know-it-all but my brother bought me a sweet gaming computer about a year ago. He put in wireless so i can connect to the internet without a cable. It has all been going sweet until i moved into the lounge room outside my bedroom and have suddenly only been receiving 1-2 bars of signal strength. In my bedroom i was constantly on three bars and this was working fine, but i cannot move back into my room anymore. So what can i do to improve the strength, i went out and got a new router for upstairs but the same problem still stands. Im wondering if its my computers wireless thing. This is really frustrating because when it drops to 1 bar of signal everything drops out including my video games >.

The distance from my PC to the router upstairs is about 12 meters, and its directly below so there's no bathrooms or anything.

Another thing is the router is next to another PC and a Printer, i heard it should be away from other metal objects?

Thanks guys, this internet is driving me nuts!

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Default Re: Incredibly slow wireless

Thick walls and magnetic fields WILL make wireless signals weaker and your most practical option other than moving you computer or bringin' down your walls is to add WAP(s). (wireless access point)

Make sure that you use strong wireless antenas on your router and any other access points you may add.

Or maybe you can move your router closer?

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Default Re: Incredibly slow wireless

It has little to do with the other computer/printer and all to do with the walls and what runs in them between your computer and the router. There isn't much you can do to improve the wireless strength execpt buy a stronger router. It is possible to run an ethernet line or to put in an Access point (as stated).
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