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Default I'm in a crazy situation, I need to know a few things.

***Skip this part if you just want to get to the technical problems, this is just a sob story***
Okay this is going to sound wierd, because it is wierd. My friend works for a church that has a camp every year. Hundreds of kids sign up, and ever year every kid wants to know what team they are on, who their leaders are, etc. So my friend manages to pull up the team lists out of a really secret file at this place where he works, and we decided to leak them to the crowd. We had no clue how much of a mess it would become. We used a hotmail account to email the list out to some people, and from there we figured they wouldn't be able to track us then. Well, when the church got wind of this they went bananas. I mean bananas. The pastors were calling everybody, people were talking about pressing charges on the people who leaked them. The church was suddenly an insecure place. What if your personal problems could be accessed? Well, my IP address was traced on the email I sent, and my parents send emails to the church all the time. If they connect the two ips, then they will know I did it, and then because of how tight I am with my friend, they will know he got the information and fire him. Our reputations are really, really, really at stake, we were doing this for fun, but now it is turning into hell. See, my friend tracked me down using the IP address from the hotmail email and one I sent him from gmail before. If he can do it, the church tech guy could do it.

**** Now Here's what I need to know****

Either I need to figure out how to either change my ip address (comcast) so that they can't connect me to this. I was thinking about breaking the modem so they would have to get us a new one and refresh the ip. I tried calling comcast but they can't change it for me..
Or, I need to find a way to mask outlook so it doesnt send out our IP address in every outgoing message. They use gmail, and outlook, so I want to make it so it sends out some random IP address every email. A proxy would be difficult to pull off, unfortunately.
Or, I need to be assured they can't track me. Which I doubt.

Guys, I know this is wierd, and all, but I just need to know if there's any way to accomplish those two above tasks. I realize that I may probably get caught anyway, but please try to help me out here, because this is way bigger than I ever could have imagined. I thought it would be some funny thing I would send out to a few friends that would boil over. I dont' really care to get in trouble, but if my friend gets in trouble, he will lose the job, and his reputation at the church. It's hard for some of you to imagine how big of a situation this is right now, it seems stupid, it seems stupid to me. However people are going to get in huge trouble if I cant fix this.

Thanks so much for even looking at this message. There's nothing I regret more than horsing around that night... and not using a remailer...


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Default Re: I'm in a crazy situation, I need to know a few things.

Your public IP address normally has an average life of around 1 -7 days, thats if it is a dynamic IP. If it is static then you have a problem because it can be traced to you even if your modem is broken etc. I dont know how they managed to trace the IP address - do you know?

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Default Re: I'm in a crazy situation, I need to know a few things.

Err, well if i unplug my modem, it gives me a new IP
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