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Default Home 'Mianframe': Terminals in each room w/ 1 PC??

Hi I'm looking for help with a technical challenge I've made some attempts at over the past couple years.

GOAL: To have in each room a monitor/mouse/keyboard station all display the same exact matter as in my main office room. I have plenty of PC's in each room but things like energy and hassle are what I'm trying to invest against.

I'm not merely trying to synchronize HD's here. I need to see the same exact apps and things no matter where I'm working. A particular issue is having to log in and out of the various online services I use for my busniess, each time I go into the next room. I want to have a power strip right there and flip the switch and the monitors + speakers power up and I see the same exact windows as in the other room. I'd prefer to have one giant open space room with all of the work benches and lab pieces, but not only is that not an option but even if I had such I'd probably still want a matching dual monitor terminal in each corner of such a hypothetical room.

I have at my disposal:
-2 very decent PC's
-10 matching quad-core PC's
-A couple very sub-par PC's
-Over 12 monitors, mostly new, most match some are in pairs.
-Lots of cables & adapters
-Video cards in all of them w/ a couple matching top notch cards I bought a year ago.

The first very decent PC is the main one in intend run from. It's the one I use everyday, and is stacked with HD's and such and its killing my 1-man operation not having this same screen matter at my finger tips in all my work areas which includes narly every room in the house, the back porch and the garage.

The 2nd is a 2nd to best of everything (last year) AMD milspec setup I built a year ago, that is actually for a custom VR system project I havent had time do work on for a while. The video cards are for that but I screwed up ordering the PSU that isnt big enough for the 4 power plugs they require. I'd like to leave these parts reserved although getting this mainframe system going is top priority.

The matching 10 PC's are for some other customs machines I build, but getting this mainframe system going is top priority.

IN THE PAST I've tried getting monitor splitter cables with no great luck. In that case in my old shop where I had 2 main tech rooms side by side I was merely trying to get the same single video screen on each side of a wall. They simply wouldnt work with the video cards I was using last year, not even just testing with short length cables.

Surely there are some video cards that will work with those? I couldnt tell as maximum cable length wasnt a spec I could find in any of thecards I looked into.

I tried looking at other networked monitor cable type products but after reading the reviews it didnt seem like there was any ideal items that didnt cost completely outrageous money.

TODAY I'm now working completely from home and would really like some sort of solution to get a dual monitor terminal in 4-6 rooms. If there are some sorts of viable cabling solutions today that would be nice.

I actually could almost settle for having just 2 main dual-screen terminal on each side of a wall, but dont want to go and buy open test and then return items that dont work like I had to last year. I dont want to burden Compusa's return system with my crazy R&D testing.

I also have these other computers, so perhaps there is some way to configure windows to achieve the same results while using multiple standalone OS installs? It seems to me there has to be others who have made the same effort, and that with the stuff I have on hand along with available products there has to be a way I can get this going without devastating my wallet?

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Default Re: Home 'Mianframe': Terminals in each room w/ 1 PC??

You're right, I have made the same effort. Very quickly I resorted to (internally) mstsc and (externally) team viewer. Remoting in is very easy. I would just remote in to your main computer from every computer. I have my awesome (awesome by 6 years ago standards.. still going strong today) computer at my office. I carry around a laptop simply to remote in to my desktop. The challenging part is I have four monitors and a projector on my office computer. TeamViewer lets me switch between them.

I can see that you're looking for a more permanent solution. Honestly if I were going to live in a house for the next 20 years and need a computer in every room to display the same thing I would start looking at display transfer. What media can it be transferred through and how many times. Just like running network cable through a house... I would do the same with DP cable or whatever it took. Duplicate the monitors across the board. I'm sure doing some research on this subject can bring up some interesting results. Something along the lines of a PCI with quad DMS 59 quad out cards for 16 displays per one card.

Although, I gathered you want to use your 10 "lesser" computers to power the duplication of the remote screen. I don't think this is possible yet. I think it would be a great invention... it would be like remoting in to a computer, but not. Some where in between remoting in and VPNing in... If this were possible I assure you I would have found the answer about five years ago when I played WoW at work.

I'm just rambling here. Hopefully out of all that you gathered something useful.

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Default Re: Home 'Mianframe': Terminals in each room w/ 1 PC??


Use terminal services and some thin clients, (so your apps run on 1 good computer and can display on any number of termnial servers)

or consider using a KVM extender:

KVM Extender PS2 : Maplin Electronics

again, one computer, keyboard/video/mouse transmitted to wherever you want.
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In our school we have a Citrix system. We have realy temperamental laptops. Basically you log onto Citrix then you can shutdown the laptop and pick up on another one as if nothing's happens ie. you don't have to reopen windows or anything
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