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Old 11-15-2006, 03:44 AM   #11
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Default Re: home made wifi antenna

an omni directional antenna is essentially just a wire.

it's fairly easy to pick up wireless networks just with a Wifi card.
a couple of months ago I was in leicester, and within a short drive found loads of Wifi hotspots,
trouble is most of the BT / Tmobile hotspots are pay to use, the BT open access network lets you connect from anywhere that they have a hot spot, but you need to have pre-paid credit to use it,
and a username/password to sign in, else all your page requests are simply directed to their sign-in page.
same goes for T-mobile hotspots, which can useually be found around starbuck, Bt ones can usually be found around McDonalds.

Government ones are a little perculiar, but I imagine that they are encrpyted, so there is no real danger of you finding out anything that you shouldn't.

It's practically impossible to shield the Wifi antena so that nobody can detect it, and of course, if they could make it so that nobody could detect it, then that'd also render it useless for legitimate users.

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Default Re: home made wifi antenna

I've done something exactly like this. I used an antenna on the recieving end and I bought it from an RF store. It has 16db gain and works great. I connected it to the wireless card (D-link w520 or something) with a pig tail I bought online. The pig tail connects the soccet on the card into an N connecter which I attached 15 feet of LMR400 coaxal cable. Then I connected the coax to the cantenna and I get about 15 access points.
Just giving you some info if it helps...

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Old 11-20-2006, 07:48 PM   #13
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Default Re: home made wifi antenna

anyone know the connector type for my linksys router? (WRT54G)

... basically what are the names of all of the connectors i will need? and where do i find them. link? i want to make a cantenna and connect it to my router. so what ever connectors are required.... thanks alot.

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