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Question Help Required PLZ! Dual network setup

hey guys,
currently i have cdg24n as my modem/wireless router which wirelessly connect to my pc which has a dlink dwa-510 wireless card in it.

Now heres where the problems start... I decided to set up a so called "render farm" with another pc, so what i did is connected a Netgear RT314 Gateway Router from wired internet port on my pc to the second pc. It works exactly as required when i only have 1 connection "activated" in windows network settings, if two are activated i do not receive my normal internet connection and chrome thinks i'm not connected to the internet.

I've heard this is caused my ip switching or something like that and everytime i turn on the computers and set up Cinema 4D Net Client (The render farm client) i need to use a different ip address as the iPv4 address of the pc has changed.. i tried to turn off dhcp on the Netgear RT314 Gateway Router as google searches has suggested but it has not made a difference.

Sorry for the long explanation

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Default Re: Help Required PLZ! Dual network setup

Not exactly sure what you're saying, but from the first paragraph it sounds like you're trying to bridge connections. From the first computer, are you connected wirelessly? Or do you have two NICs (network cards)?

If you only have one network card and are not connected wirelessly, you cannot simply connect your computer to another and pull the internet from nowhere.

To connect two computers together you need to use a crossover cable. To share an internet connection you need to go to Network Settings and look that the adapter that is being used to connect the computers together. Right click it and select "Bridge connections". Now you'll be sharing internet, but this only works if computer 1 is getting internet from somewhere (Wirelessly or a secondary NIC).

Good luck,


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Default Re: Help Required PLZ! Dual network setup

You don't necessarily need to turn off the DHCP server on the router that you're trying to use as just a switch...

Can you confirm the following.

what is your wireless network details.

(I suspect that you'll see that your IP address is with a subnet mask of and a gateway of

What is the range of addresses assigned to your other router that you;re trying to use as a switch.

I suspect that these ranges clash. (i.e they are the same)

Change them so that they do not.

if that does not clear up your problems then you'll find that you should be able to solve them in the following way:

use the router, but instead of letting it assign your address, right click your network connection, select properties, select TCP/IP and press properties then select to manually assign an address,
assign an address in the same range that the router was giving the PC anyway, (possibly even the same address), and assing the same subnet mask that was being used (likely do not asign a gateway address. ensure that the range used is different from the range used on your wireless network.

you can confirm your settings by opening the command prompt and typing

route -print

which will show you something like this:

IPv4 Route Table
================================================== =========================
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 25 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 281
================================================== =========================
Persistent Routes:

this shows you that the default route that will go to anywhere will use the interface on may machine
(i.e traffic to the internet uses this route)

however, if I want to access a machine on the 192.168.198.x network, then this goes via the interface

Basically, I think that you have a routing problem.

if you want to confirm this before changing anything, enable both interfaces and go to the command prompt and type route -print

then disable the correct interface for you to come back online and post the results here.
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