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Default D-Link router Help please

Yesterday I went into my D-Link router settings and noticed some of them did not display. I tried doing a reset to my Router and that's when all the trouble started. After rebooting the computer I noticed that it would not connect to the internet. So I tried unplugging the router and plug it back in but that did not work. I then unplugged the cable modem and back in but that did not work either. I thought well I have another wireless router that I should hook up since the wired one has been used for a long time but that would not connect me either. I went to my network settings and noticed that one of the items was no longer there. I cannot remember what it said. So I tried running the network wizard again and that did not help. I tried the find new hardware wizard and that did not help. I have gone into "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and tried both Obtain IP Address Automatically and "Use the following IP address" which I had put and as Subnet Mask and rebooted the system both times. I checked device manager and there is no conflicts. I plugged my LAN line direct to the modem and it works fine which is how I am able to type in this forum. I then tried to do a system restore but did not revert any network settings back. Today I was going to do a Windows repair but when it load the files and devices, my usb keyboard is not found or working.
I am at a loss of what to try next. I even tried using a different cable for the WAN connection. So here are the things I have. Windows XP PRO SP2. Dell Intel Core Duo 2 2.99 GHz with 2.95 GB RAM - under that it says Physical address Extension. My Router is a D-Link DL-604 and the other one i tried is a DL-514.
Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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Default Re: D-Link router Help please

You almost did a hard reset. Let's fininsh it off.

First, shut down all computers and laptops that connect to the router. Then unplug the power cords to both the router and the modem. Let them sit for a minute or so. Next, plug in the modem and wait for the lights to go steady. Then plug in your router and wait for it to establish a new connection with the modem. Now, turn on you computers. They should re-establish new connections to the router.

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Default Re: D-Link router Help please

If the power cycle Atomic Rooster suggested didn't work to get you connected it could be that your ISP has some specific settings it needs in the router (the connection type might be PPPoE or it might need a static IP address). It's possible that when you reset the router, you cleared out these settings. Double check any of the paper work that you have from your ISP or give them a call to verify you don't need anything special. If you DO need something setup, they should be able to walk you through what to do. You could also call them and tell them you are setting up a new wireless router and they should be able to help you to make sure that it is configured properly.
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