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Default CAT 6 Total Length

I am wondering what I should be using for internal networking. I am about to wire 20 feet through the wall in my basement. I only need speeds of 5e but is it worth going to a CAT 6? Is it going to make a transfer time difference, I do not care about 1 or 2 seconds I need to know microseconds. I am running a real time device and it is not a lot of transfer but I need it at the fastest possible speed.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks


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Default Re: CAT 6 Total Length

You will not see a difference with CAT6. Cat5E has the ability to give you speeds of 1000MBPS at a max length of 295(ish)ft.

Get a router that can do 1000MPBS(or gigabit) connections if you're worried. 100MBPS is still pretty quick.

You network cards in your computers will need to have the ability to work at that speed as well, otherwise it will run at 100MPBS.

Your transfer speed is directly related to the speed of your computer...nothing you can put numbers too, but believe me...it is. If your computer is slow, slow CPU, bloatware, lack of ram, slow 5400RPM hard drive with a small 8MB cache, lack of a quality network card.....they can all hamper your transfer rate significantly.
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