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Default Re: Bridging a Mifi 2200 to a Cisco E4200

Topic says it all. I bought a Linksys dual band USB wireless adapter and installed it on my desktop. I want to bridge the internet from my desktop to the E4200. That way I can connect wired computers to the internet - the Mifi is solely wireless. (Would I need to use a cross over or a straight through for this?)

In a perfect world, I just want to leave the Mifi 2200 on all the time, hide the SSID, and have all of the clients, both wireless and wired, connect to the E4200. I've googled it, but other people arenít very good at this. Have any of you guys done something like this?

Something else I'm going to be looking at is something other than the Mifi card that can signal boost. Whether that be a .. 3g router with external antennae or what. We live out in the country, about 1 mile out of town and we don't get DSL or cable, and 3g is a pretty good connection. Better than satellite. I stay around 250 ping. Sometimes I'm down to 100 at 500KB/s Ė some times 1.3mb/s, which is good enough speed (I can deal with it). I just hate the 1200ms from satellite.

I also have a dish on my roof from Hughes net. Is there any way I can use that as a supped up external antenna?

If any of you have experience please share.

I have limited time.. and I will for the next few weeks. When I get home I have about 30 minutes then bed.. and I still get little sleep right now. So.. Iíve googled this a little bit in my down time, but I havenít sunk too much in to this. Sorry guys! And thanks!


Use a Satellite Dish to Improve Your 3G Wireless broadband Signal


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Default Re: Bridging a Mifi 2200 to a Cisco E4200

What version of Windows are you running? You basically want to enable Internet Connection Sharing.
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