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Old 03-29-2007, 11:23 AM   #11
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Default Re: blinking lights

Originally Posted by pctechmike
Spyware always has the possibility of keeping you from getting on the Internet. What if the spyware is affecting DNS, and the person doesn't know to try and ping the IP of a Website, instead of the name? So it's possible (although not with this issue). Troubleshooting over the phone usually doesn't work with these types of issues- simply because if the rep does fix the problem, it's outside of what Comcast supports. I don't think the splitter is the problem, its the SNR (signal to noise ratio) that is causing the problem. If the signal is not strong enough, you're tv can work fine, and the modem will seem like it's connected, but won't connect. They will be able to see the signal levels when this user calls in. If you disconnect the TV from the splitter, and the Internet works, you probably will need an amplifier installed on the line- at your cost unfortunately.
No i'm about 99% sure its the splitter, i unplugged the cable going to the T.V, and now the internet works great

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Default Re: blinking lights

The last time I had blinking lights, it turned out to be the Phone jack on the wall. A lot of them has problems like that.

Looking at your situation, it seems that the TV draws too much distortion and everything for the net to get in. I'd call in the guy and wire another dedicated cable for your modem.

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Default Re: blinking lights

Originally Posted by minotauro4life
No i'm about 99% sure its the splitter, i unplugged the cable going to the T.V, and now the internet works great
I didn't say it was the splitter- it's your SNR- Signal To Noise Ratio. If your house has more than 4 connections (meaning if you have a modem, and 3 TV's hooked up) you need a amplifier. It amplifies your signal. If you can hook the TV up somewhere else, great. But if not, you will need the amplifier. I know this information because I was a High Speed Internet support rep at a call center for 9 months. When it comes to Comcast issues, I can diagnose the problem. The Internet works great, because the "splitter" is not "splitting" the signal anymore. You can replace it if you want, they only cost a few bucks. I think the amplifier costs around 40+, but that's been over 2 years ago that I worked for them.
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Default Re: blinking lights

What isp are you with, i am with tiscali, and sometimes the whole street who uses tiscali BB has it disabled for a few hours...
However this is very rare, and if it is as common as you say, and youre not using AOL, then it could be a faulty modem?

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