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Default Amber flashing light on Belkin Router

Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong category AND if I'm not phrasing this correctly.
I use a Dell Desktop & I have my internet access set up thru our cable company. A couple of years ago, I needed to be able to work from home so I purchased a Belkin N+ Wireless Router and a HP laptop. I got everything set up (I use secure connection) and it all worked fine.
Now, I am no longer working at home but I only use my laptop during thunderstorms or when my husband is using the desktop, so I've kept the Belkin Router connected.

The last couple of days, I've seen the "wireless" icon on the router start flashing amber, then it goes off.
My question is~ Is someone trying to access my wireless setup even though it's set as secure? Or is there just a glitch going on with the actual router?

I would really appreciate your advice/opinion.

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Default Re: Amber flashing light on Belkin Router

It's possible, but it depends on the level of security you're using. If you're using WEP, then start using WPA2. If you're using WPA, switch to WPA2. If you're already on WPA2, then it's possible that someone was querying the router. What's the model of the router? I'm not familiar with Belkin light decoding.

Welcome to CF, by the way.

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Default Re: Amber flashing light on Belkin Router

Your best bet would be call Belkin support. If the router is not under warranty some times you can still slip in and get some questions out Especially if you're in live chat with them. They'll be able to tell you right off the top what that means.

I would think that means disconnection did or is about to occur. Activity (someone else trying to connect) would be blinking green in every case I've ever seen. Except the back of a NIC...

Log in to the router settings and look at the wireless tab. It will tell you everyone that is connected to it.
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Default Re: Amber flashing light on Belkin Router

Amber is never good. To me it sounds like the wireless on the router is going bad. I would not suspect this to be someone trying to hack your router because I don't think you would even notice anything if that was happening.

When the light goes off, are you still able to connect with the laptop?
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