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Exclamation 2 computers, no internet

I have 2 computers on the same network. One computer is plugged into the router and the other one has a wireless connection. Both computers can connect to the network but has local only access, no internet. I've tried unplugging the router and plugging it back in, releasing and renewing the ip's of the computers, and disabling the virus protection and firewalls. I am starting to think that the problem is with the router. Any ideas on what else I could try?


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Default Re: 2 computers, no internet

login to the router and then copy/paste the log..

press windows key+r , type in cmd, in command prompt type: ipconfig

Default gatewat ip: (put this address in your http bar)

login , use the router login , check the router for the login, it'll be on a label

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Default Re: 2 computers, no internet

Originally Posted by IAntDemo View Post
login , use the router login , check the router for the login, it'll be on a label
None of my routers ever put that on a label on the router itself. Usually, it's in the manual that came with it.

What lead up to this problem? Many different things can lead to this behavior so it's helpful to us to know when this started and what had been done (if anything) to the computers and the router right before the problem started. It would also help us to know the model of your router.

Typically, I see this caused by a couple of issues:

1) Lose cable:
Somewhere you have a modem. That will have either a phone line (if DSL) or coax cable (if cable) hooked up to it from a wall-jack. Check to make sure that it is secured on both ends. Assuming the modem is a seperate entity, there will be a cable (CAT5/5e/6, Ethernet, LAN cable etc they are all the same thing) going from the modem into the router. Ensure the cable is secured on both ends.
2) Bad cable:
Rare, but this can still happen. If a cable gets kinked or bent too many times the wires can fray or snap depending on the technology. I typically hold this off as a last resort unless I have spare cables sitting around because of how little I see this being the cause.
3) No internet from the ISP
You do not mention if the modem indicates a connection to the outside world. If the modem's internet/network light is not on in a manor that indicates a connection (usually solid green, but can vary) then the problem isn't with your equipment, but either the ISP's modem or their lines and nothing you can do by yourself will fix it.
4) Router looking for the wrong modem
If you just changed services, or your ISP switched modems there are times when the router keeps trying to get information from the previous modem. This is something that can stick past a power-cycle of a router if you don't don't also power-cycle the modem. The long and short is the router tries to pull information from the modem using it's old settings and the new modem tries to accommodate over DHCP (to get IP, DNS and other information needed) When the router comes back up the modem will just feed this right back unless it get's cycled too. Some routers I've used have had options in their web interface where you can force a refresh of your details from the ISP (and thus your modem) very much the same way the ipconfig /release and /renew commands work for windows machines.
5) Bad router/router settings
Assuming the ISP confirms that you have internet going in then it's time to look at the router. I like to isolate settings by resetting the router to it's factory defaults to see if I get results. If I don't, I then take 1 computer and with the modem unplugged and computer turned off, plug the computer directly into the modem. Plug the modem back in and wait for it to establish connection and then turn the computer on. If you have internet, then you know the problem is in fact your router and you just need to buy a new one.
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Default Re: 2 computers, no internet

I've moved a few posts out of this thread as they weren't helping and were detracting.

Basically, when logging into your router, there may be a user name/password either, embossed in the case, on a sicker on the case, or in the manual, or in attached documentation that came with the device.

there is no standard approach.

try following the numbered steps that Celegorm posted above, check off the step when you;re sure that that's not the problem, but the time you get to the end you should have internet on all your computers! if not, come back and some more suggestions can be made.
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Default Re: 2 computers, no internet

Take the wired connection and bypass the router. Go directly from the wall to your computer and see if it can obtain an IP and connect then. If so, then its a router issue.
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