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Old 09-26-2009, 12:21 PM   #1
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Default Zune hd

any of you have it? wht do you think?
a few of my friends have it, kicks ipod touch ass at everything but apps.
i think it as the same graphics card as a psp

intel core-i7 920 4+ GHz with the thermaltech 120 extreme with adition 120mm fan lapped. mobo: asus p6t deluxe gpu: Sapphire 5870 OCED. PSU: power pc and cooling 910 watt RAM: Corsair 6GB ddr3 1600 HDD: two 640 Gb WB Caviar in RAID 0: coolermaster haf 932 with all red fans
monitor: samsung ToC T260 roseblack 25.5" 5ms 1920x1200
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Default Re: Zune hd

i have a 120gb zubne with no intention of "upgradeing"

i bought the zune because it was 120gb for 230 opposd to 8gb for 230 now microsoft did the same thing as apple, so screw that

||Intel Core i5 @ 4.1ghz||Intel DP55KG||Corsair 750w psu||8gb G. Skill ram||120gb intel ssd 2x 1.5tb WD Green||MSI Gtx 970||
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Default Re: Zune hd

I'm looking forward to buying it when it comes to Canada natively. I doubt that will happen soon with the lack of HD Radio here, and even the lack of people here. In my opinion, it beats the iPod Touch for me. I use my MP3 Player for music, and I think the Zune interface, music discovery service, as well as sound quality is superior to Apples. Although all the apps on the iPod are nice, there isn't much I would use other than the Facebook app and maybe the Twitter App. Those are in the works for Zune HD anyways, so not much loss there.

When the time comes around when I need to "Upgrade" my Zune 80, we will see. Not much point now, since the Zune software was half the battle for me.
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